Tyler Miller, '16


Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Year: senior

Major: criminal justice

Relationship Status: single

Introducing...Tyler Miller! Our first Campus Cutie is not your everyday Wyoming cowboy. He is the definition of a smooth talker--literally--because he has the rare ability to speak in six (and counting) languages without batting an eye. Needless to say, we had to talk to him, given our love of words and, cuties, and well, talking.

 Her Campus: We hear you know a lot of languages...tell us more.  Tyler Miller: “I absolutely love studying foreign languages. There’s so much that you can learn about people just by how they talk, and I really think that each language gives you just a slightly different view on the world. Plus, with as much as I want to travel, I feel like speaking the language kind of a necessity to get the most out of a trip.”  HC: If money was not a question, where would you most want to travel?  TM: “Seriously a tough question, I just came back from my first trip abroad, and now I have serious wanderlust. I guess if I had to choose, I’d go with a Eurotrip.”  HC: Describe your dream date.  TM: “Something spontaneous, maybe something at least one of us has never done before. You learn a lot about people when they’re out of their comfort zone. Some good conversation is also a must, so maybe not a movie or a concert where opportunities to chat are limited.”   HC: What are your favorite places in Laramie to spend your free time?TM: “I love movies, so the theater is always a good place. I’m also a huge fan of sushi especially from Niko’s. Not only is the food delicious, but the staff is great.”HC: Why did you choose Wyoming?TM: “The price is unbeatable, and they have a really great law school. I really couldn’t have made a better choice for what I plan to do.” HC: What is song is your current jam?TM: “Anything 80’s. I have been known to rock out to some TSwift too. Like embarrassingly hard.”HC: Would you rather travel into the past or into the future?TM: “The future. I am a big planner, so I think it would be nice to see how everything turns out further on down the road.”  HC: Any celeb crushes?  TM: “Oh so many. Britney Spears and Emily Osment top the list though. People can say what they will about her, but Britney has still got it.”    HC: Frickles or onion rings?TM: “Onion rings, followed by a stick of gum to get them off my breath.”HC: What is your favorite pickup line?  TM: “Hey girl, you wanna seize the day? Cuz carpe daayyumm!!!”So, there you have it, ladies. The next time you see Tyler around campus, be sure to say hi! (or ni hao, hola, etc).