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Lauren McClure

U Wyoming

Lauren is a senior at the University of Wyoming pursuing a degree in Marketing. She is the Founding Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at the University of Wyoming, and could not be more in love with her staff and the Her Campus community at large. This California native grew up playing on the beaches of San Diego; and loved the water so much that she is currently a captain of the Women's Swim & Dive Team at UW. She also currently serves as the Content & Copywriting Intern at Wyoming's fastest-growing startup, Bright Agrotech. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people every day of her busy life, and to live in a world where Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, dachshunds, naps and J.K. Rowling exist. In the future she hopes to land a career at a magazine (think Miranda Priestly, minus the Devil, double the Prada), and if you ask her who her favorite politician is, she will say Leslie Knope. If you'd like to see a few of her other favorite things, be sure to follow her personal Instagram account, @lauren_isabelle.