The TED Talks We All Want To Hear (Part 2)

Obviously, TED Talks are pretty great, you can see my part 1 to this article here. Although, there are a few topics missing, but luckily, I've got them listed right here for your convenience. Enjoy. 

1. Jet skis should be named “Boatercycles.”

Welcome to my Ted Talk.


2. Any guys who says “I’m not like the other guys” is the leader of the other guys.

Eye roll. 


3. Iced coffee should be cheaper than a regular sized hot coffee because half of it is LITERALLY ice.

C'mon, people. 


4. Stop grabbing girls by the arm, waist or hand to get their attention while saying “Excuse me.” We hear just fine.

...No explination needed.


5. People who have never worked as servers should not get an opinion on servers’ tips or minimum wage.

Just try being a server for ONE day, then come talk to me. 


6. Two places you should never have to pay for parking: the college/ school you attend, and the hospital.

As if college doesn't cost enough, am I right? And hospitals? That's just criminal


7. Paying for printing at college is not fair when my tuition already pays for the paper and ink.

That's the tea.



8. Chips are never an appropriate substitute for French Fries.

Plain & simple.


9. Drinking should not be limited to just the night time. Let the people day drink.

Just don't drink and drive, alright?


10. The order of making a bed is simple: fitted sheet, top sheet, heated blanket, comforter, throw blanket, sleeping pillows, pillows that match the comforter, decorative pillows.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, I’ve invited every single boyfriend I’ve ever had who didn’t know this simple instruction.


I mean, I could go on forever but here's a good start. Feel free to make your own TED Talks, just be sure to send an invite. 

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