Ryan Kocher: Future Business Virtuoso, Current Cutie

Ryan Kocher is the kind of guy you would want your future daughter to date. He is kind, adorable, funny, smart, organized, calm, respectful, dedicated, loyal….the list would be a thousand miles long if you gave us enough time! You can just tell he would totally be down for a walk on the beach at sunset, or a romantic picnic in the park. I met Ryan in our International Marketing class, and quickly realized what an amazing student he is. Shortly after, when I got to know him better, I realized he had a million other things on his plate along with being a student; and that he does it all with a smile on his face! He is the sweetest--actually. With a wide variety of skills and interests, we had to find out if there was anything Ryan couldn’t do. So, collegiettes, meet Ryan Kocher!

Hometown: Monument, Co

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Year in School: Junior

Major: Management and Marketing with concentrations in Supply Chain and Sustainability, with a minor in Information Management.

HC: What kinds of things are you involved in on campus?

RK: “I am involved in three RSOs on campus. I like to help out with them as much as I can! I will be the secretary for WyoGold Student Alumni Association.  I am also in the AMA or American Marketing Association. I am not an officer in this RSO but I do like it still. Finally I am in the Supply Chain Student Association, which is a newer RSO on campus, I plan on running for an officer position for this RSO.”


HC: What made you choose Wyoming?

RK: “The University of Wyoming was the only school that I applied too. I toured other schools before Wyoming, but as soon as I came to Laramie I knew this was the place for me. I love small towns and I loved the feel of Laramie. I also really enjoyed the University too, and I just knew that I had to come to the University of Wyoming.”  

HC: What is your favorite memory from college so far?

RK: “One of my favorite memories from college was during this current semester. I went to a case competition for The Supply Chain Student Association. We went to Ogden, Utah where we competed with other schools over supply chain case competition. Our RSO got 3rd overall, but it was one of the more enjoyable experiences in college. We were able to tour a facility that makes parts for airplanes, and then we were given a supply chain case, which we were supposed to solve within 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours we were supposed to present our finding to a panel of judges both from different schools, as well as people who actually work at the company. Our team go to work right away and we spent almost all of the 24 hours we had working on the case. It was stressful, and a very high pressure situation, but I loved it. The case competition really helped me understand supply chain, and help me see that it was something that I enjoy doing.”  

HC: How do you feel about self-driving cars (lol)?

RK: “Hahahahahh well…. First off let me say I am very opinionated (if you haven’t picked up on that already) I am not a fan of self-driving cars, and I can honestly say that I will never have one. I think that creating a car that is semi-self-driving/ or completely self-driving is super dangerous. I think it is a bad idea because once we start relying on our cars to break or turn for ourselves we endanger ourselves because that technology can and will fail at some point. When it fails we both endanger ourselves and those around us. I also honestly love to drive, and the idea that I would not be able to do this upsets me. However I do think that some people should have self-driving cars. Some people are just straight up bad at driving and shouldn’t have a license. Self-driving cars would be a good idea for them. (*Cough Cough* some people in Laramie….)”  

HC: Describe your ideal first date.

RK: “My ideal first date would be taking someone out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and then going to see a movie afterwards. I am old fashioned, and I would want to both pay and hold doors open for my date. Honestly I think a first date should be something special, with someone who I think is really special. I would just be as happy as to go out to dinner as I would just being able to spend time with someone that a liked and cared about.”

HC: What is your favorite TV show?

RK: “I honestly don’t know. I am super busy, and I don’t always have time for Netflix. But I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and any other action/thrillers/mystery/adventure/drama TV shows!”

HC: Do you play any sports?

RK: “Yeah I like to play the sports ball. Haha no I played baseball when I was younger until I hurt my shoulder (which is why I was in a sling in the beginning of the semester, I finally got it fixed.) In high school I only played basketball, which was basically going almost all year round. More recently I have picked up playing golf. I still like to play basketball, and I really do enjoy playing golf.”  

HC: What do you do outside of school?

RK: “I love to drive, I am huge into movies and just hanging out, listening music and when it’s nice out I love to go camping/hiking/backpacking. The outdoors and driving are probably my favorite. Driving is like my favorite thing to do, it is definitely a passion of mine. I really enjoy my car and driving around helps me think about everything. I enjoy going to see new places. I have on several occasions simply just started on a drive and it ended up as a road trip to different places in Wyoming and Colorado. There are times where I will just go on a drive late at night if I can’t sleep and just drive around Laramie. I find it peaceful at like 3 a.m. when no one is out and I have the roads to myself. The other major passion is the outdoors. I love to camp/hike/backpack. It is something that I really found that I like once I got to college. I find it very peaceful to be on a hike and just being outside in nature.”


HC: Beer or wine?

RK: “Beer all the way. My ideal bear is a Corona with a lime in it.”  

HC: Chocolate or Vanilla?

RK: “Chocolate 100% I am not a fan of Vanilla.”

HC: Chipotle or Qdoba?

RK: “Chipotle hands down, sadly Laramie doesn’t have one, but it’s still way better than Qdoba!”  

HC: How do you balance all of your extracurricular with a full class schedule?

RK: “Very carefully? Haha I have to plan everything out. It doesn’t matter if it’s for school or for something fun, I have a planner, and that’s like my life. If something doesn’t get into my planner there is a good chance it won’t happen. So having a planner is a major key for me and a lifesaver.”  

HC: And finally, to bring us back full circle...What was your childhood like?

RK: “I had a good childhood. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then moved to New Jersey. I lived in Jersey for only a few years until my younger sister was born. I was so happy to be a big brother. After my sister was born my family moved to Colorado Springs, where I have lived until I moved up to Wyoming for college. As a kid I was a typical boy, who made messes and had many adventures. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to catch bullfrogs in a pond near my house in New Jersey. My mom would take me there after daycare/school and let me run around the pond catching frogs.”

While the semester may be coming to a close, Ryan is still as busy as ever. We are so fortunate to have spoken with him, and we wish him the absolute best for the future!