Our Best Finals Tips

It's time for finals, and the stress is at an all-time high. It can get crazy busy, frustrating and tiring, but we're at the home stretch! To make finals a little easier, we have some of our best tips to help you survive finals week. 

  1. 1. Don't be afraid to ask questions

    Even if it's at the last minute, your professors are there for a reason. Ask them questions if you are confused on some of the content and need some extra explanations. You can send them an email, go to their office hours or catch them after class. Taking a little extra time to make sure you have things figured out will help your grade and your stress. -Emmaline

  2. 2. Find a great study spot away from home, and stick to it

    When it gets to crunch time, studying at home can be really difficult. It's hard to focus and full of distractions. Find a place out of the house, whether it's the library, a coffee shop or a park that helps you focus, but also gives you a change of scenery. My favorite is Coal Creek Coffee Downtown. -Abbey

  3. 3. Take breaks

    Studying is important, but so is taking a break to avoid getting burned out. Go on a walk, watch an episode of TV, whatever helps give your brain a break. Mental health should still come first, even during finals. -Brittany

  4. 4. Eat solid meals & hydrate

    It can get super busy when you're studying and finishing last minute projects, so preparing meals tends to go on the backburner. Be sure to pack lots of snacks when you go to study, drink lots of water and make some time to eat more than just instant noodles. Staying hydrated and eating well will make you feel great and help you tackle your finals! -Bailey

  5. 5. Find something that helps you focus

    I personally like film scores, but it could be a podcast, playlist, or show that helps you focus better. Having some background noise can help make studying easier and cut out distractions. -Annie

  6. 6. Treat yourself when it's over

    After all the hard work you put in, be sure to treat yourself! Get a latte, get your nails done or go for a hike, something that feels like a reward. You earned it! -Hailee

Hang in there, Pokes! We are almost to the end, and summer is right around the corner. Study hard and finish strong.