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While freshmen year may be difficult with all the new changes, there’s a few simple pieces of advice from current students to help you survive.

“Join anything that you might have an interest in, and then choose your favorites. Your best friends come from the groups you join with similar interests,” Emily M. said.

Rebekah C’s advice to incoming freshmen is simple. “Buy a good winter coat.”

Some of the best advice we heard though, comes from Abbey W. who said, “to just have an open mind and follow your heart to find your passion. Don’t let anyone try to sway your ideas of who you want to be.”

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At the end of the day, this is your chance to start fresh. You can try new things, meet new people, and discover your true self. The next four years of your life, aren’t going to be an easy journey, but it is what you put into it. So, get involved, meet new people, and don’t forget to be yourself.

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Anyone who comes to UW needs to know the Beer Song. At sporting events you will hear students chant “Beer Song. Beer Song. Beer Song” until the band starts to play it.


In heaven there is no beer.

That’s why we drink it here (Right Here!)

and when we’re gone from here,

our friends will be drinking all our beer!

The History of The Wyoming ‘Beer Song’


The bucking horse logo has been part of the University of Wyoming since 1920’s. This logo is referred to as the “Steamboat.” Steamboat was a world famous bucking horse, born in 1901 on a ranch between here and Bosler. Guy Holt was the cowboy pictured on top of Steamboat at the Albany County Fairgrounds in 1903. This photo was the inspiration behind the logo. This logo is the emblem of our state, as it resides on all Wyoming license plates, and is easily found throughout the state.  The steamboat represents the toughness, and never-say-die spirit that is this great state.



There are a few urban legends that float around campus, but the most popular? That there are underground tunnels connecting all of campus. The idea is mostly inspired by the thought of not having to trudge through the awful Laramie winters to get to class. Most students believe the tunnels connect from the dorms all the way to the Classroom Building. The most common tale of why the tunnels are closed, is that there was a violent crime that took place in the tunnels, and they are now closed for student safety. Unfortunately, the tunnels are just small spaces for pipes and wiring to make their way to the Classroom Building.  Some parts of the tunnel are fairly accessible, but some areas you have to squeeze through. The areas are blocked off from students, but this “legend” probably won’t die out anytime soon.

Another great legend on campus, is about the T-Rex you find next to the Geological Museum. Legend has it, if you can throw a pine cone into the mouth of the T-Rex, you will receive A’s on all your finals. We suggest spending that time studying, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

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