Her Campus Interview: How to Stay Motivated Post Spring Break

Coming back after last week’s spring break has been rough. The days seem longer, the homework stacks are higher than before, and the weather has not promoted focus on school work. This week, I asked some of our members what they plan on doing to stay motivated for the rest of the semester.

“I’m riding out the rest of the semester by keeping my eye on the prize--summer! I’m hoping to take some cool trips this summer so that’s a great motivator for finishing out the semester strong. I also try to give myself lots of “me time” to manage the stress of end-of-semester projects. A little Netflix here and there goes a long way sometimes!” -Brittany Johnson


“Staying motivated after the spring break can be really hard! But one thought that always keeps me going is to remember there are only 6 weeks until the end of the semester! I also remember to try and stay ahead of my assignments and finish them before 9 o’clock so I have plenty of time to watch decompress and watch Netflix.” -Emmaline Velasquez

“I’m staying motivated by just wanting to learn everything possible about history, my financial aid, and like proving to myself that I can actually survive in college.” - Annie Stratton


“To finish this semester I will be staying organized and taking lots of breaks. I like to stretch, take a walk, listen to music, or watch a YouTube video as my break.” -Shawnie Detavernier

“As a senior, facing the final 6 or 7 weeks of class is stressful, and the motivation is at an all time low. I really try to confide in loved ones for support, go on walks, listen to some of my favorite music and take at least one of the weekend days to completely forget school and recharge. It's easy to get burned out, and mental health is super important in times where school is busy, so doing what I can to take at least an hour for myself every weekday really helps.” -Abbey Williams


Good luck with the rest of the semester! We believe in you!

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