Eddie Yarbrough: Athlete and Sweetheart

The first time I met Eddie Yarbrough was in the athletic training room in the Rochelle Athletic Center. He just walked over to me one day and started up a conversation and, just like that, we have been friends ever since. This is an exact sentiment to the type of person Eddie is, a friendly, outgoing, funny and ultimately all around great person. And chances are if you’ve ever been to a football game at War Memorial in the past 5 years, you’ve heard the name Eddie Yarbrough. Eddie is a senior defensive end for the Cowboys graduating this December with his Bachelors degree in Communication and a minor in Business Administration. Originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, he and his family moved to Aurora, Colorado so Eddie is no stranger to moving around the country; which is a good thing because it is looking like he may have some more moving around to do in his future if he gets drafted to the NFL.


After graduating this coming December, Eddie plans on entering the NFL draft as well as setting up several internships. He really doesn’t have any preference on what team he would like to get drafted to, “I would just be ecstatic to chosen to play for any of them,” Eddie told us. As a seasoned athlete looking at moving on to the next phase of his career, we wanted to know if he has any advice for young athletes on how to make the most out of their collegiate athletic experiences, “Just attack every day and never take anything for granted,” he said, “and to learn from every experience, be it good or bad.” As far as leaving Laramie, Eddie told us that what he will miss the most is the unique culture here and the UW fans, “there is not another place like it,” he said.

You would think that being an elite level athlete looking at potentially being a professional player very soon would make a person’s ego get a little big and crazy, but not for Eddie. He has remained such an approachable friendly person, which, is often times hard to find in elite level athletes. We wanted to know how he has managed to stay humble and welcoming in the face of success. “I would attest my attitude to my parents and my upbringing, I was taught to treat everybody the same and be respectful of others. I could meet the President tomorrow and I would to treat him with the same genuine respect and care as I would to the quiet girl in my 11:00 am class. It doesn’t matter the person it’s all your attitude and that is something I try to keep positive on a daily basis” said Eddie. So if you are ever looking for a good conversation or maybe a new friend to go hunting or fishing with, Eddie is definitely your guy!

We here at Her Campus look forward to seeing what the next chapter of life has in store for him! Good luck and go POKES!