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Body Positive (#bopo) Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

It is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Part of recovering from an eating disorder, avoiding an eating disorder or achieving good body image includes being surrounded by other healthy people.

During my personal recovery, I found it so helpful to follow the Body Positive Community on Instagram. It really helps to see non-edited, healthy women who aren’t advocating diets, extreme exercise, or bad body image standards. They simply embrace who they are as people. A lot of them have eating disorder backgrounds and give tips on how to recover.

Below are Instagram accounts you must follow stat.

1. @sundaesforthesoul

Meghan’s account is my absolute favorite. She is a “Recovery Warrior” and “Non-diet Dietitian.” She documents her journey in recovery from the past year. She advocates body positivity at all times and is not afraid take selfies with breakouts or belly rolls. She is such a positive gal!

  1. @dothehotpants

This girl is an eating disorder survivor and feminist. She posts a lot about body positivity and is super real about everyday struggles for women. Bonus, she posts a lot of about general equality activism around the world!

  1. @bodyposipanda

Megan is a “body positive feminist eating disorder warrior.” She is fierce. She is #goals. She posts less about things one experiences in recovery, and more about absolute, essential body love. Megan recently posted about a troll who claimed she “ruined” her body by putting on weight in recovery. She writes, “Nah, I just stopped torturing myself every day for not fitting an image I was never supposed to be.”

  1. @_____halle__

Halle is a “body positive activist” who posts often about #nowrongway to be a woman. She tells about her journey of learning to love and appreciate her body through yoga.

  1. @nourishandeat

Gina is also an Eating Disorder Warrior, who created the #embracethesquish. She talks a lot about thin privilege and embracing all body types.

  1. @chrysecolla_yoga

This awesome yogi is not only a eating disorder therapist, but a clinical social worker. She’s not afraid to flaunt cellulite, belly rolls or unflattering poses.

  1. @my_life_without_ana

This gal overcame anorexia and she advocates for #positivebeatsperfect. She sports awesome hair that is always a different color. Plus, she often re-grams other #bopo accounts.


  1. @omgkenzieee

Kenzie is one of my personal favorites. She was formerly at a larger weight and posts about losing weight in a healthy approach. She is not afraid to show the real “Kenzie” posting unedited photos, no makeup selfies, cellulite, belly rolls – she essentially helps normalize all these things most of us try to hide.

  1. @yourstruelymelly

Melissa is what society would normally deem as “overweight.” She posts about body positivity and how everybody has a unique healthy weight. Even more, she posts how even if someone is overweight, they have every right to love themselves and be confident as the next person.


  1. @iskra

Iskra Lawrence is a #bopo model for Aerie! She flaunts all her natural curves and chooses to have her photos unedited. She defies all stereotypes of “plus-size” models.


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