Best Snacks to Get You Through a Busy Day

With finals being this week, you’ve probably found yourself running around with a million things to do--and eating meals tends to fall low on the list. I’ve always been a big snacker, because snacks are a great way to get a boost when your schedule is a little haywire. I love to eat healthy snacks while I’m studying, walking between classes, and working to keep my mind sharp even when a large meal seems a ways off. Here are some of my favorite snacks for busy times:

1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is delicious, filling, AND healthy. Its balance of sugar and protein is superb for providing a boost of energy. Although this snack isn’t quite as convenient because it needs to be refrigerated, I love grabbing it on my way out the door.

2. Clementines and nuts

Who doesn’t love a good burst of citrus? Clementines are so easy to throw in your bag and enjoy whenever--their natural sugars will give you a little mood boost. I love pairing clementines with nuts for a good balance of sugar and protein. My favorite nuts are almonds, but you can decide for yourself!

3. String cheese

String cheese has been one of my favorites since I was a child. Some things just never get old! Because string cheese can be eaten slowly, it helps me pace myself and feel a little more full. Also, it provides a good amount of protein for such a small snack.

4. Peanut butter cracker sandwiches

These are pretty much my go-to. They’re easily portable, delicious, and are a good source of both carbs and protein. Also, they’re cheap! I can’t always afford to spend a lot of money on fresh fruit and nuts, so these quick and relatively healthy snacks are a good substitute.

5. Pita and hummus

Chickpeas are so good for you, and they’re delicious in hummus form! Dipping some pita bread or chips in hummus will fill you up quickly.

6. Grapes and cheese

It sounds weird, but it’s amazing. You can find packages at the store with both ingredients for ease! Not only does this odd combo please the taste buds, but it packs in natural sugars and protein.

7. Smoothies

The great thing about smoothies is that you can make them however you prefer. My ideal smoothie is banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and almond milk--the best blend of sweet and salty! Plus, it keeps me full for hours.

8. Dark chocolate

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up. Dark chocolate is a great little treat because it can help your body produce endorphins for a better mood and offers antioxidants for health. Just don’t eat too much and suffer a sugar crash!


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