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Oh my, another exam. Mid-terms and finals week mean increased stress. During and after great stress in our lives, it is nice to take a brief break and think about your mind and body's health.

A technique I implore to release the tension built up by these stresses is massage. Enjoy a professional massage! We build up the tightness in our back, shoulder, and neck muscles. Other massage alternatives are to use a massage chair, commercial massage equipment, or just a tennis ball between your back and wall can release tension. There are many devices sold for massage.

A great thing to remember when getting a massage is to drink plenty of water before and after the massage. Drinking water is always positive and healthy. The amount, you ask? It is different between men and women and varies some by the person, I expect. In a general sense, intake is often recommended to be 2-3 liter per day for women. Our male friends need closer to 4 liters per day.  

Here are some benefits of staying well hydrated:

Dehydration prevention

Digestion improvement

Brain functions better

Saliva production

Moist eyes, nose, & mouth

Waste removal from the body

Body temperature regulation improvement

Blood oxygen content increase

Mood improvement

Keep that water bottle near and get or give yourself a massage to release the exam stress.

Jennifer Chapman

U Wyoming '22

Name: Jennifer Chapman Major: Organizational Leadership Class Standing: Senior Role in HC: U Wyoming Contributor
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