6 Signs You're a College Senior

Welcome back to school y’all! As summer winds down and the fall chill enters the Laramie air, it’s kind of crazy to sit & think about how senior year is finally here. I already have senioritis- as horrible as that is- and I know I’m not alone. I’ve handled the start of this school year a little differently than I have before, so maybe it’s because this ain’t my first rodeo- it’s my last. Here are six signs you’re a college senior.

  1. Your preparation for the first day of school is, well, nonexistent.

Notebooks? Somewhere. Pencils? Probably in my car on the floor. Backpack? Lost. Outfit? Not even remotely planned. A good night’s sleep? Eh. The night before classes I was up until 2 am, hangin’ with my friends. Freshman year me would have had a stroke. It’s just not the time to care anymore, TBH. At this point, you know how it goes, so winging it is no biggie.


2. You wait to buy textbooks until your assignments are *literally* due the next day.

Freshman me was such an overachiever and wanted to have all the textbooks a week before classes to make sure everything was in order and squared away. Senior year me? Yeah, she’s still missing a textbook or two, but, hey what is Amazon Prime for, amiright ladies?


3. Going to class just feels so much harder.

Yeah, I had plenty of days throughout my undergrad where I didn’t feel like going to class. But now that I know it’s one of my last semesters, going to class feels like I’m going to war-with my horrible sleep schedule, desire to graduate and impatience with lectures.


4. LinkedIn becomes your new Instagram.

Professional world, watch out, because this girl is using LinkedIn like it’s the best social media app in the world. Seriously though, worrying about your professional image will give you nightmares-I speak from experience.


5. Looking at big kid jobs gives you chest pains.

Though going to class and completing assignments is tough, thinking about the future is tougher. Looking at real jobs with salaries and benefits is so stressful, you end your nightly prayers with “please let my first real job have health insurance, Amen.”


6. The thought of having a degree in eight months makes you wish May would come faster.

As cheesy as it is, when you think about how much work and money you invested in your college career, a degree becomes a little more exciting. It’s going to be sick to have a BA or a BS or BSN, or whatever you’ll have, next to your name for the rest of forever to document your hard work. But it *may* not seem that way when it’s 3 am and you’re crying into a bowl of cereal trying to finish an essay due by class the next morning. It’ll be worth it and one day we will look at our 4 year sh*t show and laugh. Hopefully.


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