5 Smoothies You Need in Your Life

If you were to look into my freezer, you might be confused by its contents. No, I don’t have an excessive amount of pizza rolls, ice cream, or any other fun things. It looks like I am a hoarder of fruits- mostly because I am, but whatever. With my busy lifestyle, smoothies are my saving grace! Any time there is a sale on fruit, I buy extra just to freeze it. My freezer is stocked full of premade smoothie bags now. If you lead a busy lifestyle, or just love the ease of making smoothies, here are a few of my personal favorite smoothies.


  1. “Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I’m addicted to Peanut Butter” Smoothie

Seriously, I’m border-line obsessed with peanut butter. That’s why I love being able to put it in my smoothies!

1 banana

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 scoop of peanut butter (I use a bigger spoon, ‘cause you know, peanut butter)

About ½ cup of almond milk

¼ cup of greek yogurt

A pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Feel free to add ice as well!


2. “Drunk in Laradise” Smoothie

This smoothie makes me feel like I’m waking up on a beach in Mexico. We don’t have to talk about the fact I’m really waking up to a frigid Laramie morning…

1 frozen banana

1 cup of strawberries

½ cup of almond milk

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

¼ cup of greek yogurt


3. “Basic and Proud” Smoothie

Just because it is fall doesn’t mean my smoothie consumption decreases. In fact, you best believe my smoothies embrace this Ugg-boot wearing, pumpkin-spice in a flannel weather.


1 frozen banana

1 cup of canned pumpkin

1 tsp of nutmeg

1 tsp of pumpkin spice

1 cup of almond milk

½ greek yogurt

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder


4. “I still need coffee to be up this early” smoothie

While I love my smoothies, I love my coffee more. My problem? I am way too lazy to try and carry coffee, smoothie, and my water bottle. This smoothie allows me to have the best of both worlds and not have to stress about my lack of hands.

1 frozen banana

1 cup of cold black coffee (the darker the better)

½ cup of greek yogurt

¼ rolled oats

¼-½ a cup of almond milk

1 tbsp of flaxseed

1 pinch of cinnamon and cocoa


5. The “WTF are you drinking!?” smoothie

Without fail, every single time I make this people question what I have. While their faces show disgust when they ask, that doesn’t go away as I describe it. I promise it isn’t as gross as it sounds, but if you’re brave give it a try!

**Actual smoothie looks nowhere near as tasty as this.


1 cup of spinach

2 decent sized pieces of melon

1 kiwi

¼ of a cucumber

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 raw egg (totally optional, it actually adds a bit of flavor)

¼ cup of greek yogurt

1 cup of almond milk

Feel free to add additional fruits to the mix! I find pineapple is a great one with this mix.


Happy drinking!

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