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5 Sleep Inducing Activities

1. Watching Friends:

    Having seen the full Friends series over 5 times, it is easy to remember what is on the screen while you aren’t even looking. Not only do I get a laugh but also a peaceful night of sleep.This can work with any comedy series that you know by heart.

2. Drinking Earl Grey Tea

I have tried different teas before bed, and only one has ever helped me fall asleep. Next time you have a hard time sleeping, try drinking something warm.

3. Reading the End of a Book


By reading the end of a book, instead of starting one from the beginning, it helps achieve a sense of closure. The end of a good movie, that does not have a cliffhanger or is not part of a series, also works.

4. Listening to Rainforest Sounds


The peaceful sounds of a rainforest when all you hear are frogs, crickets, and rivers, clears your mind of any thoughts you have. Find a sound that helps you clear your mind, this can be white noise or an artist’s album.

5. Dancing Before Bed


One of the best ways to fall asleep is using up as much energy as possible. By doing an energy consuming activity before bed, you tire your body and fall asleep much faster than you are used to.

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