10 Halloween Costumes for You and BOO!

With Halloween just around the corner, we want to make sure you and your boo have the perfect couple’s costume for trick or treating (or going out on the town)! Here are 10 costume ideas in case you are in a bind and you need some ideas!


1. Jake from State Farm, and Flo from Progressive


The power couple from insurance companies obviously had to be on our list. Jake’s costume is so simple, just take a red polo shirt and, of course, khakis. Flo’s costume consists of a white shirt, white pants, a white apron with the Progressive logo, and a blue headband. And if that doesn’t make it obvious, the nametags are easy to come by.




2. Barbie and Ken


This costume set will take a bit more rummaging around in the 80’s clothes. Leg warmers are an essential accessory for Barbie, and the look will be complete if you can find a metallic jumpsuit these days. Ken’s costume is easy to put together. Just go to a frat house and you’ll find a gaudy button-down shirt, boat shorts, and loafers… and possibly a neck scarf. But the finishing touch on these costumes is the iconic Barbie doll pose.



3. Outlet and Plug


Every Halloween I see this costume, and I need a significant other so I can pull this one off. It’s an easy DIY costume, with some felt, cardboard, and black clothes!



4. Soap and Loofah


I can admit, my dog and I are going as this adorable couple costume this year. For the loofah, you’ll just have to get some tulle and have an easy hand at sewing. An easier way to construct the soap costume is by taping balloons to a regular outfit.



5. Oreo


A perfect excuse to hug your boo all night! Just wear a white shirt, white cap, and draw an oreo on black cardboard.




6. Morticia and Gomez Addams


This costume is basically a black suit for boo, a black dress for you, and black wigs and black makeup. The theme? Black. Just everything.



7. Woody and Jessie


Alright… I know Woody and Bo Peep are a thing (until the third movie) and Jessie and Buzz are a thing. But in all honesty the cowboy thing looks so much better, especially in Wyoming! These costumes will be a bit difficult to piece together, put the key pieces are the cowskin chaps and vest, Woody’s talking string, and Jessie’s red hat.



8. Uncle Sam and The Statue of Liberty


Nothing says ‘Murica like the leading man and leading lady of our country. To pull of the Uncle Sam look, wear a white button down shirt and suit jacket, American Flag shorts, and an American Flag top hat. The Lady Liberty look can be complete with a green dress, lantern, and diy crown. And don’t forget to carry around a tabula ansata (or a textbook with a nifty cover that says JULY IV MDCCLXXVI, the date the Declaration of Independence was signed).



9. Minnie and Mickey Mouse


This classic couple costume can be made easily with some everyday household clothing, including those Mickey Mouse ears you got from Disney World when you were three. You can’t go wrong with one of the Disney’s most classic couples.





10. Spock and Uhura


Rounding out our list is Spock and Uhura from Star Trek. The original Star Trek was controversial as Spock and Uhura were one of the first interracial couples on television. This couple costume is easy to put together, you only need a blue shirt, red shirt, black pants and the Star Trek logo to put on your shirts.