Why You Should Think About Joining an Intramural

A lot of people—myself included—grew up playing sports. I always thought that organized sports were something that only kids, talented teenagers, and professional athletes got to do, but growing up doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the activities that you love. Between classes, clubs, and living on residence, a lot of students spend most of their time on campus. It’s convenient when the majority of your activities are in one place. So, if you want to rekindle your relationship with sports but don’t want to fill up your schedule, welcome to the world of intramurals.



There’s something for everyone

UVic offers intramurals each semester (summer included!) for a huge variety of sports. You can try something totally new, or you can pick up where you left off at age 13, when you dreamed of being a professional soccer player. At the moment, you can join any of the following sports: badminton, basketball, 3-on-3 basketball, ball hockey, dodgeball, flag football, futsal, ice hockey, outdoor soccer, softball, touch rugby, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball.

Almost anyone can play. The only restrictions are if you’re a varsity, professional, or national team athlete, you aren’t allowed to play on an intramural of the same or similar sport. Also, if you’re under 18, you have to be a student at UVic (but community members 18 and older can play!).



It’s super affordable

As students, we know that saving money whenever we can is key. Thankfully, joining an intramural isn’t going to break the bank. All teams are $28 for current UVic students and $42 for community members not attending UVic. For students, that works out to less than $3 per game, so it’s definitely worth it.


No experience necessary

I get it: team sports can be totally intimidating. While there are a lot of really talented players who join intramurals, it’s still a really welcoming place for beginners, too. I started off joining teams as a single player, and all newcomers were eagerly invited onto the teams, regardless of skill level. If you’ve got a bunch of interested friends, you can make your own team, too!

Remember: these aren’t varsity sports. People are there to have fun, and while the games can still be competitive, at the end of the day, you’re all still peers.


Healthy benefits

Not only are intramurals a great way to get moving and sweating, but team sports can also improve your mental wellness in a lot of ways as well. Being part of a team can build your confidence and make sure you stay social in between studying and working. And, of course, it’s a great way to make new friends!


There’s no better time to get out there! Usually, sign up starts at the beginning of each semester, but you can still join teams now while spots are available. Register for a sport today at vikes.ca/register.