What You Should Actually Spend Your First Year Doing

First year can feel overwhelming. University is SO much bigger than your small town. There are tons of opportunities… and distractions. It’s hard to decide where to direct your focus to have the most fun—and successful—experience at UVic. Rest assured that I’ve been in your shoes, but over the last four years on this campus I’ve learned a few lessons. Here is my advice on how to excel in your first year––and make your parents proud.

  1. 1. Go to clubs day 

    Go to clubs day (September 11 and 12 in the Michele Pujol Room) and attend a few of the club meetings that week to find one that's right for you.

  2. 2. If there's a leadership role

    If there's a leadership role––no matter how small––in your club, apply!

  3. 3. Introduce yourself to the co-op advisor in your department

    Introduce yourself to the co-op advisor in your department, expressing interest in the program for next year. Trust me, it will help to be friendly with this mentor to snag the good jobs!

  4. 4. Spend an hour with one of the librarians 

    Spend an hour with one of the librarians on duty to learn the citation style for your classes WELL BEFORE any assignments are due.

  5. 5. Go to office hours

    Go to your professor's office hours the first week to say hello, even if you don't have any pressing questions.

  6. 6. Buy a gym membership

    Buy a gym membership, join an intramural or a regular workout class. Exercise is the BEST stress-buster when midterms roll around.

  7. 7. Book an appointment with a counsellor 

    Book an appointment with a UVic counsellor before or after midterms. You might be a little more emotional than usual at this time of year, and having that extra support already put in place is reassuring.

  8. 8. Find some study spaces to call home

    Find some study spaces to call home. Remember, the library isn’t the only study space on campus––explore a little and find yourself the perfect spot.

  9. 9. Ask you CL's for study advice

    Ask your CLs for study advice––because they've done this thing before.

What tip did you find most helpful from our list? Comment your favourite below!