Travel Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

I have only travelled beyond North America twice, but I consider myself a world traveller. Sadly, I have become a grounded world traveller. Last year, I backpacked through Europe for two months and got to experience over 10 countries. After returning home to my incredible family and beloved bed, I immediately wanted to go back; to book a flight to an unexplored country and repack my massive bag. That’s the problem with having a passion for travel: it’s addictive. My solution was to live vicariously through travel influencers on Instagram. I have created a list of my favourite accounts, each of which captures the incredible lifestyle of travel with their own style. However, my idea of an interesting travel influencer doesn’t necessarily have hundreds of thousands of followers, so I have included a range of accounts. Keep scrolling if you are looking for travel inspiration, or if you just wish to liven up your Instagram feed!



Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer who travels the world with his wife, @natalyosmann. What started as a chance photo of Nataly pulling Murad by the hand turned into a viral sensation. The stunning photos in their #followmeto series have led Murad Osmann to become one of the most iconic travel influencers on Instagram, with over four million followers. The teamwork of this couple leads to images that stand on their own while using the same pose within the whole series.



Originally from Texas, now based in London, Samantha embraces colour in her travels. Her profile is a rainbow of beautiful spots around the world. From the classic canals of Venice to the modern architecture of Dubai, Samantha seeks out unique backdrops for her pictures. Is the dreary winter weather getting you down? Scroll through this profile to literally brighten up your day!



As its name suggests, this Instagram profile follows two sisters on their travels all over the world. Camilla and Natalie started their blog after referring to many others to plan their own trips. Throughout the sisters’ posts, they give tips and reviews for the places they have been. Their profile showcases a range of shots, from the world-renowned sights to the small moments of joy that travel provides.



Verena is featured in the images, with her husband Konrad behind the camera. Their Instagram is a dreamland of flowy skirts and Verena’s beaming smile. Their name “topolindra” is a combination of Konrad’s nickname for Verena, topolina (“Minnie Mouse” in Italian), and their shared surname. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think that makes their Instagram account even more beautiful!



Born in South Africa and based in Australia, Li-Chi takes on her travels a passion for architecture. She has a distinct style and captures it through an artistic lens. This skill has led to her working with a range of clientele, from Tiffany & Co. to Dubai Tourism. The combination of lavish travel destinations and high photography skills have made Li-Chi’s Instagram truly unique.



First of all, Giaro Giarratana has the most glorious hair I have ever seen. Not only that—he is an actual fashion model based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. As if that wasn’t enough, he competed on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars in Italy. To top it all off, he travels the world and produces pictures that combine his passions for fashion and travel.



Mish and Kirk are the couple behind this peaceful Instagram account. They travel the world by taking the road less travelled and are drawn towards the beauty of nature, rather than that of urban areas. As advocates for sustainable living, their approach to exploring encourages other travellers to embrace the natural resources available.



Jeromie and Madeline met while attending school in Texas, and after graduating, moved to Australia where Jeromie is from. Since then, the two have travelled around Europe and captured some of the top tourist destinations. Their name “thewininghills” is from their shared love of wine; hence, their top destinations are known for their local wines. This profile caught my attention because it displays the diversity that can be seen in European cities.



Courtney Leopard is a twenty-year old-world traveller who moved from Australia to Europe. Her Instagram has a calm feel that makes some of the world’s top destinations appear personable. I think Courtney’s profile could be excellent inspiration for anyone who wants to live in Europe, but is afraid to make the commitment it requires. She shares her adventures, the good and the bad, in her posts that keep them young and relatable.



I met Marco Reyes at a hostel in Prague and have been following his travel journey ever since! He is a Chilean with a curiosity for the world who seems to become friends with everybody he meets. His Instagram stories cover what his life is like as a solo traveler, and share the incredible sights he sees along the way.



Representing Canadian travellers on this list is Harmonie Spalding, who is from Vancouver Island! Her relaxed style gives major vacation vibes that I am shamelessly jealous of. Even while not out travelling, Harmonie’s feed provides some great style inspiration fitting of Canada’s west coast. Her travel destinations are often along the Central and South American coast, so prepare yourself for some stunning beach pictures!



Now this Instagram account is not for a blogger, but rather a community for travelling women. It features different female travellers who have taken particularly interesting pictures. I find that it is a perfect resource for you, a reader of Her Campus, who may be interested in seeing the world but doesn’t know where to start. Check out this profile to see how these travellers have explored the beautiful corners of the world, and perhaps get inspired to go explore one yourself!


There are many more travel influencers who are worthy of being featured, but I just chose twelve that I feel represent a range of Instagram accounts. To support any of the wonderful people listed in this article, follow the links to Instagram and get lost in their amazing feeds!