Liz Shepard: Former HC at UVic President

A driven and involved 21 year old Elizabeth (Liz) Shepard has been involved with Her Campus at UVic since its revamp in March 2014. As our former Campus Correspondent (CC) and Co-President of HC at UVic last year, Liz has been incredibly active since.

Liz originally joined Her Campus at UVic in 2014 because some of her building mates were interested in revamping it. She was close with the women who wanted to start it and quickly she became involved with the wonderful HC community. Without knowing much and just getting thrown right in, she thrived in being an active member. Within the year she became the Social Media Director and not long after became CC. She left Her Campus last year to focus on the final year of her degree in Biopsychology and get ready for grad school and the real world!

What was your favourite thing about HC?

I loved team meeting and brainstorming. The girls had so many great ideas and things I would never think of. We had incredible decision and I had the opportunity to connect with different people and I learned so much about her campus, our university and myself! Team meetings, the brainstorming was something i enjoyed, and it was fun to connect with different people.

During her time in Her Campus at UVic she gained skills that have translated not only to her undergraduate degree, but her everyday life. After becoming our Social Media director, she became more tech savvy, and after becoming CC even more so! Her work as a Senior Residence Leader along with Her Campus has taught her excellent time management. Staying on top of it all, and keeping in touch. Scheduling is important, but she also discusses making time for yourself.

What is something you feel like you need to do before you graduate?

One thing I need to do is use the UVic telescope, I should go to those psychology pub crawl. Going out to faculty events. Going out to things, basketball games or faculty events, you never know who you would meet, and what kind of friends you’ll make.

Liz wanted to thank our writers, readers, supporters, and community for supporting us over the years.

Her Campus at UVic would not be the gold level chapter it is without Liz’s contributions! Her dedication and support has grown us to the amazing group we are today. Here at HC at UVic we wish Liz all the best in her future endeavours.