Instagram Accounts That Are Worth Your Screen Time

I hate to admit the amount of space Instagram consumes in my mind, but the truth is the truth. I love the world of scrolling, double tapping, and stories. I’d say sue me, but I know I’m not the only one, and that would generate a pretty hefty legal bill. But if we’re going to spend so much time with our faces pressed to our phones, we might as well be getting the best content out of our wasted hours. Without further ado, here is a (certainly nonexhaustive) list of our favourite Instagram accounts.


Best in Fashion


Queen of the mirror selfie has started a “pants army.” Ladies all over the world post photos of their flared pants on their Insta stories inspired by Noelle. Her style is both classic and hip, as well as easily replicable with pieces you have in your own wardrobe.


The beautiful Sara focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion. She has a great mix of casual and slightly more dressy outfits, as well as some eye-pleasing interior design pics. Just as Noelle above, her outfits can be recreated with classic pieces.


I’m pretty sure this lady’s closet is the size of my apartment, and I want every single piece she owns! In comparison to the girls above, Zoe’s outfits focus more on current trends, but she executes every single one with grace and class. I like to use her account to find special pieces that I don't already own and get ideas to incorporate them in my wardrobe. On top of her amazing fashion, she spends a drool-worthy amount of time travelling, and the locations are too beautiful to pass by.

Best in Cute


The name of the account sums itself up pretty well. The account is entirely videos of animals doing cute and silly things. From ASMR of a cat drinking from a small cup to an alpaca walking through the kitchen, you’ll love these adorable animals coming across your feed!


You might think he’s ugly, but Tuna is without a doubt my favorite Instagram doggo. Say what you like, but no dog can better sum up how I feel every Monday morning trying to get out of bed. I promise that Tuna will melt your heart, just as he does mine and his 2 million other followers, if you just give him a chance!

Best in Woke


This account spills the tea on anything and everything political and news-based with a feminist mindset. If you’re looking for an account to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world and what needs to change, this is my go-to!


If the title didn’t give it away, this account focuses on female empowerment. The account also ventures outside of typical feminist topics to highlight issues such as bee extinction, excessive plastic usage, and cultural dichotomy.

Best in Laughs


Anyone outside of Victoria might not find this account as hilarious as I do, but having spent a few too many nights inside Vic’s bar scene, this account has me rolling (and craving another shot). In essence, this account pokes fun at the ridiculously predictable nightlife all Victorians love to hate.


This is one of my personal favourite meme accounts, and there’s really not much else I can say. This account compiles some of the funniest—and at times, most wholesome memes—from all over the internet. Just like the account above, I suggest you follow this one if you’re in need of a good laugh every once in a while.

Best in Inspiration


I absolutely love the premise behind this account! They use their Instagram as a means to encourage women to be fully themselves. Each picture is submitted by a different woman with a motivation blurb written by them included in the caption. The picture above came with the caption, “dear woman, you’re not a slave to your history. you don’t have to live with its hooks in you. cut yourself loose, you deserve all the freedom this new life has to offer.” Each and every post has a different tidbit of wisdom that each of us is better off experiencing and carrying into the off-screen world.


This cheeky account claims to be “your friend with health benefits,” and honestly, I don’t think they could be more right. The posts focus on the importance of balance in living a healthy lifestyle, especially in the go-go-go world that we live in. You’ll feel simultaneously inspired to eat a slice of pizza, get a full night’s sleep, and maybe even hit the gym in the morning.