How to Not Be a Mess (As Told by Our Favourite Amys)


Sometimes it feels like nothing's going right for you right now for some reason. Your alarm clock went off late, or you hit the snooze button too many times and now you’re late for your morning class. Or you just realized that you find yourself stumbling into your room drunk too often and you feel like you’re ready to just sit on the floor and cry. Trust me, I’ve found myself in that situation a few times more than I’d like to admit. Have you ever felt like you were a mess and you wish you were more like Amy Poehler and less like Amy Schumer (from Trainwreck)? Trust me, everyone has felt the same. Well, this article will give you some useful and helpful tips to not be a mess and be a girl boss instead (with gifs to illustrate!).


1. Be organized


Let’s be honest, organization is the key to being successful. You wouldn’t want to come to a job late or a class and realize that you forgot to submit a paper and the deadline was this morning, wouldn’t you? Luckily, there are so many cute planners out there that are both fashionable and useful for being organized! Go out, buy a cute one that matches your personality and tastes and jot down all the important dates (and cute notes as well). Personally, I love my black polka dot Kate Spade planner, although there are many affordable and cute planners near you to buy (you can check out Chapters, Staples, Walmart, etc.).


2. Dress to impress


I know we have off days, and sometimes it feels like we would love to come to school or work in our comfiest baggy sweaters and leggings. But if you want to impress other people and give off the image of being a girl boss, you have to dress to impress. Trust me, if you dress like a hero, then you won’t feel like a zero!

Now you don’t have to run out to expensive and fancy stores such as Holt Renfrew or Chanel to splurge on a whole brand new wardrobe (although if you can afford it, you go girl).

But going out to buy a few staple business casual outfits and clothing items would help! Personally, I like going to H&M because they offer so many good basic clothes you can use for anywhere for good prices. Go buy a cute dress, jacket or a spiffy pair of black pants. With a fabulous outfit, you will face the world in girl boss style!



3. Save the partying for the weekends


Everyone likes to have fun, that’s true, especially if you’re in university or your early twenties. But when you get older, you realize that pulling ragers every night and coming to classes or work hung over is probably not a good idea. You don’t want to fail an important midterm or get fired because that frat party your friend asked you to come to on Sunday night sounded too tempting for you to turn down.

Instead, make sure you get your priorities straight and see if you have to do anything important for school or work. If you have nothing important the next day, then it’s a good idea to go out and have fun! Or save all the partying and shenanigans until the weekend.


4. Believe in yourself and be kind to yourself


Sometimes, when everything goes wrong, even if you try hard, you can be tempted to blame everything on yourself. Even girl bosses have off days sometimes.

But self-care is a must for girl bosses. So when you get home, drop everything and take a deep breath. Take a nice bath, drink a glass of sparkling wine, or do whatever makes you feel good. Or you can cry and get all those emotions out. But most importantly, realize that you’re a wonderful and strong person and whatever just happened, yes, it was disappointing, but it will not get you down! Get up off the floor, put your heels back on, and go out and face the world!



Remember: we all can learn from Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer how to be a girl boss and avoid being a trainwreck.