Couple Cuties: Sam and Tracey

Meet Sam and Tracey! A super duo that are #relationshipgoals.



What do you study at Uvic?

Tracey: Environmental studies masters at UVic in arctic environmental and social change research.

Sam: Medicine.


How did you meet?

T: On the dock at Camp Thunderbird.

S: The first time we actually met was at the waterfront during staff orientation but the first real time was on the dock. We would play music on the dock during our breaks.


What was the first song you sang together?

T: “Emerald Isle” on top of a mountain, and there was a really cool sunset and the clouds were super pretty.

S: The first song we sang together at campfire was “February Seven” by the Avett brothers.


What is your favourite thing to do as a couple?

S: Well our thing used to be music, but now we don’t seem to have that much time for it anymore. Now we do a lot of outside things, like rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

T: We’re also really good brunch makers and cooks in general.


What is the best date you ever went on?

T: That’s a tough one. But once we did stand up paddle board yoga, then we went to a secret beach on the peninsula and then went for a sneaky swim in phosphorescent water.

S: It’s kind of funny that that is one of our best dates, because we both originally thought SUP was kind of ridiculous but it turned out to be great.


Who’s funnier?

T: We sort of have different sense of humour. I have a very dry sense of humour and Sam’s tends to be a little more silly….

S: What?? I have a dry sense of humour too.

T: Yeah but you try to pull jokes on everyone, even the grocery clerks and you need to know your pop culture references to understand your jokes.


Who has the best taste in music?

T: I’d say we both like the same music.

S: Tracey is way more up on it then I am. We have very similar taste in music, but Tracey is more in tune with when to play what kind of music.


What is the best trip you went on?

T: To the rockies!!!

S: I also really liked the trip we went on to Oregon, but it was kind of short to call it an actual trip.


What are your favourite foods?

T: Asian Food in all varieties: Thai, Chinese, and Sushi. I also really like smoked salmon.

S: Homemade pizza.


Tea or coffee?

T: Tea

S: Coffee


Cats or dogs?

Both: Dogs


Favourite movie to watch together?

S: Grand Budapest Hotel and One Week.

T: The Lion King is my childhood favourite (it happens to be Sam’s least favourite movie), but I also really enjoy watching Grand Budapest Hotel and One Week.


Do you have funny nicknames for each other?

S: I call Tracey T sometimes but she doesn’t think it’s funny.

T:  We don’t have funny ones, we are kind of boring nickname people.


If you see Sam or Tracey around Campus make sure you say hi!