Campus Cutie: Calder Brown

Calder is someone you would see on campus and definitely give a second take to —and whether that’s because of his luscious hair, or bursting charisma, we’ll never know! If you see Calder on campus be sure to strike up a conversation about fitness, public speaking, or Pocahontas.
YEAR 5th year
HOMETOWN Born in Scotland, but Calgary
ACTIVITIES Vikes Nation Ambassador, Toastmasters, fitness, guitar, reading
HC: If you had to live without a limb, which would you give up?
Left arm, I would want to still run. I can still work out most of my body.
HC: Name a discipline that you would go into other than your own.
I would be a musician, travelling the world, meeting people and performing.
HC: What advice would you to give your younger self?
Don’t play video games, what a waste of time!
HC: Who would you be if you could be a Disney princess at Disneyland?
Pocahontas. Does she count as a Disney Princess? If not, I’d be the first.
HC: If you could take credit for inventing something what would be?
HC: What's your favourite drink?
Alcoholic: Gin and tonic right now
Non-alcoholic: Coconut water
HC: What's your dream facial hair?
Fu Manchu, that’d be awesome.
HC: Name your favourite lighting fixture.
Strobe light, wait I change my mind. I want to be a disco ball.
HC: You’re on death row, what’s your final meal?
Cotton candy, oh wait no. I want a pizza buffet. Everything in the form of pizza.
HC: Name a talent that no one knows you have.
Singing, something like that. When I play guitar I sing.
HC: If you were in a movie, what genre would that movie be?
Adventure, no rom-com. You have to write rom com not romantic comedy.
HC: What's your opinion of seagulls?
They suck. Except for the short story Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I guess they kind of clean up our garbage. They have some function.
HC: What's your favourite part about Vikes nation?
Meeting new people. Working with Femi.
HC: What is your dream kitchen countertop?
Dark granite, almost a black or a really dark grey. Fine grain.
HC: Name an artist you would be embarrassed to admit you love.
Katy Perry.
HC: Would you rather be a leaf fallen from a tree, on the ground, potentially travelling the world, living dangerously, or would you rather be on the branch still, 
holding on, but safe, surrounded by your leaf friends?
I want to be flying in the wind.