Best Fall Shoes for Strutting Around Campus (and Staying Comfortable)

It’s hard to look cute and be comfortable when you are walking around on campus from 8:30am until 6pm. With fall coming, the art of balancing your amazing fall outfits with the physical demand of walking from one end of campus to the other becomes a difficult task.


1. Slip on loafer


With those summer like fall days (sunny and dry but 10 degrees colder), a slip on loafer becomes the lazy girls fall flip flop. They give the “effortless chic” vibe, similar to the one you get when you put your jacket over your shoulders but not in the arm holes. These Steve Madden are similar to those worn by fashion blogger Jen at


2. Lace up flat


Sticking to the theme of almost fall, but not yet raining, the lace up flat is the perfect girly item to spruce up a normal flat. Get a nice neutral shade and it’ll go with everything! Try these from Forever 21 for only $29.90 CAD.


3. Nude Runners


So you’re still running all over campus, and just thinking about wearing something other than runners already has you dreaming of a foot soak. Nude runners are chic and look amazing with any colour denim. They are insanely comfortable, cute and practical. Did I mention they comfortable runners? Try these from Aldo, and the classic Nike Theas.


4. Ankle boot

I have a bit of a black ankle booties obsession, so I put a few alternatives in. The classic ankle boot, an essential in any fall wardrobe. Find one with a lower heel, the chelsea boot style allows for no annoying zippers, and a slightly pointed toe can make you look every so slightly taller, like the Chelsea Ankle Boot from Asos ON SALE for $38.72.

Cheaper Alternative: Call It Spring (Brililia) for $79.99

High End: Acne Studios Jensen Black for $720.00


5. Rain Boots


These are for the days of torrential downpour. You have no other option but to bring out the hunters (or ruin every shoe you own). There are lots of easy and comfy ways to style them, and those sock inserts elevate any look. Although they set you back $195, they are a long term investment.


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