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5 Steps to Getting Perfect Eyebrows

Although the trend of having “on fleek” eyebrows has sailed, many collegiettes including myself, are still just learning how to get the perfect gradient. Having the perfect brow can change your makeup game. Brows are the biggest point of envy with all the instagram models, but these easy steps can get your brow routine to perfection.


Find your shape

This sounds easier than it looks. The safest route is to let them grow out, then get them threaded or waxed. The estheticians have excellent knowledge on the type of brows that will fit your face and eye shape. All you have to do is upkeep the shape afterwards which is much easier than finding the shape on your own.



Use powder products

When just beginning with brow products, start with a powder and an angle brush. Pomades can be too harsh if done with a heavy hand. A matte eyeshadow could work as well! A powder is subtle and still gets the job done. With a little more intensity and control use a brow pencil or crayon. Try the Urban Decay Brow Box kit. It comes with two brow powders, brow wax, two mini angled brushes and tweezers!


Filling it in

Brush the hairs upwards and outwards so you can see the shape and fill in. Start with the bottom of the brow and outline just the lower half. Brush it up with a spoolie to blend it in. Then just fill in any sparse areas. To get that perfect gradient use light upwards strokes at the front of the brow. It’s a little difficult to do the gradient with powder, so use a light hand and an eyebrow pencil. Suggestions include the inexpensive Elf Instant Brow Lift Pencil or the NYX Micro Brow Pencil.



Clean it up with concealer

Use a light amount of concealer in the beginning that is only a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. And just glide underneath the brow with a flat brush to simultaneously clean and highlight. Then blend it downwards keeping the brows in place. If you want to clean up the top of your eyebrow use your foundation, that way there isn’t this circle of light around your brows and it blends in better. A pot concealer allows for no mess and high blendable coverage like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer.


Lock it in

Use an eyebrow gel. This will keep the brows in place. You can also use a fibrous formula eyebrow gel, like Benefit Gimme Brow that will give more volume to the brow. Or just a clear gel to hold the style in place.


That’s it! It takes practice and patience so wake up a little earlier before class and get that brow game poppin.


Editor’s Note: While this article suggests products, Her Campus at UVic is not affiliated with any of the products or companies.

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Originally from Richmond, British Colmbia, Jasmine Yadeta is a forth-year student at the Univeristy of Victoria. She is studying for a BSc in Psychology and Computer Science and is Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UVic. She enjoys breakfast related food items (but let's be honest, who doesn't?), movies, and salivating when in close proximety to baked goods. When not writing for HC, she loves volunteering on and off of campus, cooking with wine, and awing at the occasional puppy. She is constanly sassy, highly motivated and drinks an immense amount of coffee.
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