11 Types of Girls You'll Meet in the Club Bathroom

The bathroom of a night club is a magical place. A true sanctuary where anyone who identifies as a girl can take a breather from the hectic environment and take mirror pictures with their friends. And while every girl is unique and special (obviously), we have started to notice a pattern. Here are the 11 types of girls you’ll meet in the club bathrooms.


1. The Complimenter


She will tell you you’re beautiful, compliment your hair, and ask you where you got your shirt- all in the same breath.


2. The Parent


“Okay there are only three of us in here. Where’s Kelly? I’m going to text Kelly. No, Hannah, you can’t have another drink, I already cut you off.”


3. The Socializer


You’ve never met her before, but suddenly she’s hugging you and you know how many siblings she has and when her birthday is.


4. The Crier


You don’t know why she’s crying. In fact, there probably isn’t even a reason, but the only way to get her to stop is by promising her chicken nuggets.


5. The Absolute Mess


Her knee is bleeding, she can’t find her phone, and she thinks that she maybe drank too much.


6. The Annoyed One


That guy isn't texting her back, and her friend isn't spending enough time with her.


7. The Eater


This club doesn’t sell fries, but there she is, sitting on the counter, eating fries.


8. The Mary Poppins


Oh you need concealer? It’s in her purse. A hair brush? In her purse. A tampon? Plastic or cardboard? Lost your cell? She has quarters you can use for a pay phone.


9. The Hot One


This girl is feeling herself. But it makes sense, because she looks great.


10. The Motivational Speaker


“You are one of the nicest people I know! You can do anything!”  


11. The Sleeper


She's not even that drunk, but she fell asleep on the toilet, and then again on the cab ride home, and then again on the living room floor.


Which one are you? And who else do you see all the time? Let us know in the comments down below!