10 Thoughts You Have When You’re Not Returning to Class This Fall

Whether you are taking a semester off to travel, doing a co-op work term, or recently graduated, there are many thoughts that run through your mind when you are not going back to class this fall. I am in this situation, and here are some of the thoughts that went through my brain this September.


1. I can still go back-to-school shopping even if I’m not going back to school, right?


2. Man, I am going to save so much money!


3. I can read books other than textbooks now!


4.  So many “welcome back” emails - did no one get the memo that I’m going away?


5. Is it weird that I miss being back in class?


6. I’ve got so much free time!


7. What day is it? What month are we in? ...I’ve lost all sense of time.


8. Wait! I’m actually going to enjoy the lead up to Christmas instead of stressing about finals!


9. Where are my friends? Oh, right, I guess they have to study.


10. Haha... those suckers


Taking this semester off? Let me know what went through your mind as everyone else is heading back to class.