10 Thoughts I Had Returning to School After the Break

Winter break was relaxing, fun, and stress-free. That of course, feels like a distant memory after the first week of classes. Here were my thoughts after coming back to school!


1. I am sooooooooo not ready to go back.


2. Why am I in 5 classes again????


3. How come 5 classes plus a part time job, plus ridiculous amounts of volunteer work is considered normal?


4. Is everyone else just part demigod/superhero or something?


5. What if I just took pictures of all the textbook pages instead of buying the book? No ones looking right?


6. Oh my God, how am I sooo broke already???


7. See’s total cost for textbooks…… cries


8. Maybe if I just don’t accept it, it will go away.


9. Why are you lecturing already, can’t you see I’m not emotionally, mentally or physically ready for this?


10. Plans to look cute for first day of class…. Bicycle breaks down, ends up sprinting to school… shows up red faced, panting, and sweaty… like I said cute.


How were your first two weeks of classes? Let us know in the comments below!