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Animal yoga has been around for a few years, but only recently grew increasingly popular thanks to No Regrets Farm. Located in Oregon and run by Lainey Morse, No Regrets Farm took the internet by storm late last year when their Goat Yoga class boasted an incredible 1000+ person waiting list. It was the first time that animal yoga came into the spotlight and people were all for it.

Since then, animal yoga has only increased in demand and popularity because, let’s face it, what’s better than meditating in the midst of adorable furry animals?

On the surface, this seems like just another fancy fitness trend with no actual benefit, but animal yoga does in fact have its perks. Here’s why people are opting for this form of exercise over others.

Innocent Connections

Yoga Master Guru Jaget explains that animal yoga has become popular because people are seeking a connection to something innocent and simple, like baby goats or cats. In a world where we are all consumed by technology and chained to our smartphones, we crave a deeper connection that can be achieved through doing yoga around animals, who hold a certain innocence. 

Cure to Depression

Lainey Morse, the women responsible for goat yoga as we know it, uses her personal experience with divorce and disease to explain how animal yoga made it impossible for her to feel depressed. Imagine sitting on a yoga mat in the middle of a field with baby goats jumping around you. The image alone brings a smile to your face, so imagine how much happier you would be if you were actually doing animal yoga.

Back to Basics

In a world where the true meaning of yoga has been overpowered by Instagram yoga stars and the latest yoga fashion trends, its easy to get caught up and forget the purpose of meditation. Animal yoga counteracts this by bringing people back to basics and allowing them to channel something deeper within them, by connecting with nature. And as Yoga Master Guru Jaget says, nature is one of the deepest experiences we can have. 

So if you want to connect on a deeper level or if you’re feeling depressed and need a pick-me-up, why not try animal yoga? 

If goats aren’t your thing, there are other adorable animals running their own yoga classes. From cats to rabbits to horses too, there are plenty of options to choose from. For Toronto residents, Doga Yoga offers dog owners and yoga lovers the opportunity to deepen their connection with their furry friends in an hour long session. 








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