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Toronto-Based, Women-run Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

Edited by: Vlada Taits

This year has been difficult for all of us. 

As the holidays approach, it is so important to support small businesses, and when you live in a city like Toronto, full of such hardworking and innovative creators, there is so much to love! 

Here at HerCampus at U of T, we’ve partnered up with four deserving companies; Nessa Lilly, Candles and Palms, 1day beauty, and A.G.P. Apothegeri, all with beautiful products, to get you inspired. 

You can also enter a giveaway for products from all four of these businesses, on our page on Instagram @hc_utoronto! The lucky winners will be announced on December 1. 

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what these businesses have to offer (hint: a lot!) 

Whether you’re brainstorming holiday gifts, or looking for a little treat for yourself as finals approach, these Toronto-based, women-run companies are sure to have something for you. Shop local this year! 

Candles and Palms

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candles.palms 

Instagram: @candlesandpalms

Owned by: Sandy Fawcett 

All about Candles and Palms: Candles and Palms is a newer, eco friendly candle company that is family owned and operated. Their hand-poured eco candles come in a variety of scents, sizes and colours  to go with any decor. They use 100% soy or palm wax, and labels and candles can be personalized. 

You can shop Candles and Palms through their Instagram or Facebook page via DM, and they will be launching their website soon! Candles and Palms will also be selling at the holiday market at The Yonge & Eglinton centre, from December 10 – 24th. 

Nessa Lilly

Website: https://nessalilly.com

Instagram: @nessalilly

Owned by: Nessa Lilly

All about Nessa Lilly: Toronto-based illustrator Nessa Lilly is a fantastic local artist, boasting an array of beautiful and chic prints. She has worked with clients like Four Seasons, Levi’s, and Charlotte Tilbury, to name a few, and her work speaks for itself. Her dreamy prints have many subjects, but one specialty in her work are gorgeous, minimalistic portraits of friends and couples. 

1day beauty

Website: https://www.1daybeauty.com

Instagram: @1daybeautyco

Owned by: Corinne Haddad 

All about 1day beauty: Corinne grew up with a visually impaired mother, and wondered why there was such a lack of representation in beauty media. She thought to herself, that surely there were others who felt underrepresented too, but why weren’t they celebrated? 

So, she launched 1day beauty. The company is community-driven, and is for everyone. Leading with inclusion & diversity, their mission is to ensure that everyone feels welcome. Because, underrepresented communities in beauty deserve better.


Website: https://apothegeri.com

Instagram: @apothegeri

Owned by: Geri Coria

All about Apothegeri: Apothegeri was launched in 2018. Geri’s love of candles came from her dad, who would always ask for a new candle as a gift for every holiday and celebration. She made it a goal to make her dad a candle herself, and from there, fell in love with the process of candle making. In March 2020, Geri wanted to help raise funds for some amazing grass-roots organizations in Toronto, to support BIPOC communities. She released her candles on Instagram as weekly drops, and committed to donate the proceeds. Her hope with these candles and Apothegeri is to bring those that light them a bit of joy, some good luck, and comfort in their daily rituals. Every time an Apothegeri candle is lit, it burns good vibes.

Olivia Spahn-Vieira is a Toronto-based artist and soprano. She currently studies classical voice performance at the University of Toronto, and loves performing in musicals and operas every chance she gets. Offstage, Olivia is passionate about food, fashion, travel and culture. She has enjoyed writing from a young age, and finds it to be a creative and fulfilling way to communicate.
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