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The Fitness Regiment Made for Your Mind

Everywhere we look, there are brand-new Chloe Ting regiments or ads for the greatest workout routine of all time. There are even several Instagram stories advertising… your best friend’s very own fitness page?! You bet.

The emphasis that society places on physical wellbeing has always been overpowering. While physical health is a key component of living a balanced lifestyle, it is not the only aspect that matters. Mental health and wellness are just as crucial.

Now, it should be no secret that everyone sometimes feels drained, especially after the long and harrowing year that was 2020. However, I am sure we all feel a bit embarrassed that our minds seem to have gained their share of the pandemic weight all of us have (lowkey) put on. Not to worry, as this fitness regiment has got a little twist and has got you covered.

Gone are the days of couch potato brains and lazy trains of thought. With these ten simple activities, you will feel energized, rejuvenated, and inspired. What could be better than getting those brain gains?

1. Treat yourself x 3 reps

Like I said, a regiment with a twist. What other workout routine would suggest for you to treat yourself to your favourite snacks or drinks right away? Perhaps you should even try making a homemade version…

2. Retail Splurge x 1 Rep

Those items in your shopping cart? That one pair of pants you really love but haven’t bought yet? Now is the time to make that purchase and feel the rush of serotonin when the confirmation email comes in.

3. Read x 1 Rep

Whether it be a biography, a fantasy series, or a comic book, the words on the page belong to you. Get lost in them!

4. Create x 1 Rep

The power to make something out of nothing is a beautiful skill indeed. Dive into your creative passions or try something completely out of your comfort zone. From knitting to singing to writing to painting, the artist in you is calling.

5. decorate your space x 1 rep

Your workspace should be a safe space. Keep it clean, add your own aesthetic, and do everything you can to make it your own.

6. Fresh Air x 7 Reps

The weather is turning, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a walk or going for a run. Sunlight on your skin and a nice breeze on your face will go a long way.

7. dance party x 3 reps

Put your favourite artist on, jump on the bed, and move! Grooving to your tunes and busting out some moves will definitely pass your own vibe check.

8. Friendly Chat x 3 Reps

Pick up the phone and call a friend, or two, or three. Anything to remind you that you are never alone and that you have a support system around you.

9. Power Naps x 2 Reps

Fifteen minutes of shuteye in the middle of a long day are everything! Get some rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

10. A Good Cry x 10 Reps

If all else fails, just let it all out.

And there you have it: ten little ‘workouts’ for the sake of your mind and mental wellbeing. Perform as many sets as you require, as often as you need to.

And the best part? There is no expected timeframe for results! The journey to a healthy mind will always be an ongoing process.

Disclaimer: These are not official therapy exercises! They are simply meant to help you breathe a little and have fun. If you do require serious assistance, please take advantage of the mental health resources on and off the UofT St. George Campus.

Sophia Alcasabas

U Toronto '22

Soph is an Honours Bachelor of Arts student studying Linguistics, Cognitive Science, and French. They are hoping to pursue a graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology. When she is not writing for Her Campus, she can be found sipping (bubble)tea, reading a good book, or bingeing Marvel movies.
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