How To Be Monica Geller Time Efficient

For those Friends fans out there, this article shares a few techniques to make yourself as organized and time efficient as Monica Geller. If you look at your upcoming tests and assignments and feel overwhelmed by all the work you need to get done in just a few days, this article may just be your saviour to get those things done with the least amount of stress and anxiety.

1. Make a To-Do List

The best thing you can do every night before sleep or at the start of your day is to make a to-do list on a note pad placed on your study desk. Be realistic. Don’t assume that you can type up a 40 page essay, finish a 1000 page novel, and end world hunger in one day. Split up different projects and assignments and do a small portion of studying for each course each day. This will not only keep information fresh in your mind, since you won’t go days without studying a certain subject, but it will also allow you to do work little by little for every subject. Focusing primarily on one subject or assignment for an entire day will only get you exhausted and bored.

2. Keep off your Social Media

Don’t fool yourself. Checking Facebook or scrolling through Instagram will definitely take you longer than just a few minutes. You will be only wasting your time until you realize half your day has gone by and you have done absolutely nothing - after all, we've all been there. This will only get you more stressed out and exhausted. I usually put my phone a meter away on the book shelf faced down so that if anyone messages me, the blinking message light can’t taunt me while I’m trying to study. Try to come up with your own creative strategies to stay off of your social media. 

3. Reward Yourself

Do not start off your day by telling yourself that you will work on that essay for five hours straight with no breaks. You will start getting tired after about half an hour and your brain and body will need a short rest. Don’t treat yourself by checking your Facebook, instead use this study break to snack on your favourite energy boosting foods, take a quick shower to freshen up, or simply take a nap. Then maybe check your phone for a minute or two and get back to typing up your essay. Try to take 5-10 minute breaks every 30 minutes of studying.

4. Early Bird or Night Owl?

Although many people say pulling an all-nighter is bad for you. I would argue and say it depends on the person. Some people tend to slack off and rest during the day until the clock hits midnight, and suddenly they have the energy and will power to get all their work done. On the other hand, some people may wake up early in the morning to get a head start on their studying so that they can return to their beauty sleep by midnight. It all depends on the person and their study habits in accordance to the time of the day.

5. Be Organized

One of the most important and basic things to help you get things done quickly and efficiently is to keep your study area clean. If your desk is compiled of books and binders stacked on one another with empty coffee cups found on every corner of the table, you will never get anything done. According to a recent study, if a person makes their bed in the morning, they will most likely be willing to get things done during the day. This is because the small task of making your bed, puts you in a good mood because you already finished a small task and you're ready to complete the rest of the day's tasks.

6. Stay Motivated

In short, don’t fool yourself. If you know that essay is due in two days and you have no idea what to write about, don’t lie to yourself by assuming you can write the essay the night before its due date. Stop yourself from refreshing Instagram and Facebook every five minutes during your slow study session. Remind yourself that you are in complete control of your success, so work on yourself to gain the strength and motivation needed to work on your assignments and maintain the will power that has gotten you through half of the semester.