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Get Ready With Me: Beauty Faves to Start Using Today

Edited By: Tanmaya Ramprasad 

With exam season coming to an end, we finally have the time to look after ourselves! It’s not quite summer yet, but there’s enough time between now and June to focus on ourselves and get our glow on! If you’re already incorporating these products into your life, you’re on the right track…If you’re new to these, get ready for a life-changing experience.

Silk is the new cotton

Slip pillowcases are highly popular at Sephora and I finally understand why… No, it’s just for aesthetic purposes; silk actually has so many benefits to us from our skin, sleep, hair and so much more. First of all, silk allows for our hair to be hydrated and not dry out, unlike cotton. Sleeping on silk pillowcases can limit damage to your hair, help with lasting hairstyles and the overall health of the strands. Don’t even get me started on the anti-aging benefits that can keep your skin stay nice and hydrated, avoiding creases and snags from traditional cotton. 

SPF is your new BFF

Sun damage is a leading cause to skin impurities. SPF not only protects against environmental damage, but it also helps with protecting the skin against aging, minimizes dark spots and gives an overall youthful appearance. SPF can be found in almost any beauty product, from foundations, moisturizers and even primers; be sure to check your favourite products to see if you’re getting the protection you need.

Mask away

Hair masks are highly mentioned, but the benefits of them aren’t so clear. Depending on what your hair needs, these are built to give moisture and/or add proteins your hair needs to repair and grow stronger. Incorporating this step into your hair routine is essential to target any problem areas you might have.

Fun and Fresh

Finding your signature scent for the warmer weather isn’t too hard! Of course, fragrances are personal and totally up to you, but ditch the heavy musks for a lightweight, fresh floral for the summer. A friend recently introduced me to the Clean Reserve line at Sephora, and the radiant nectar scent is literally to die for! It smells incredibly refreshing, bright and clean like coming right out of the shower. Sweet and fruity scents are my go-to for summer.

Hydratation is key

We’ve all heard about Hyaluronic Acid repeatedly, but it’s so beneficial. Think of this as a drink of water for your skin, especially needed after our Canadian winters and unpredictable weather changes. This is found is many lightweight serums and can help plump dull skin, giving hydration, a glow and firmness to the skin. This is the perfect skin prep you need to be fresh and bright this summer.

Eboni is in her final year of studying journalism and minoring in media and film studies at the University of Toronto. With a love for all things music, fashion and wellness; Eboni is excited to share her passion for writing by unleashing her creativity and expressing herself to others. In her everyday life she focuses on fitness, indulging in a good book, taking photos and exploring new city spots (food related of course!)
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