An Argument for Pampering Yourself

Going back to school evokes a feeling of reinvention, which I look forward to each year; no matter how much I may be dreading the trade-in of beach towels for textbooks. But, for some of us on campus, it also brings the return of some productivity-based guilt. I’m here to let you know that taking time for yourself is never a waste! Especially in a rigorous academic setting, like U of T, where it feels like we are expected to give 100% all the time, it is absolutely crucial to treat yourself with kindness and love. 

Gone are the summer months, during which we can escape from our day jobs into the sunshine, and spend nights with our friends who are back in town until the end of August. As soon as labour day weekend arrives, it seems that any time spent on ourselves is time wasted.

As a self-proclaimed glamorous woman, I just can’t subscribe to this mentality. I feel my best when I’ve taken the time at the beginning of my day to put together a special look. Before I have to focus my mind for several hours, on course materials, and punctuality, and all of the other stressful in’s and out’s of university life, it’s nice to focus on something with no consequences. Something just for me. And do you know what? I think that being confident and creative, through my physical expression makes my day brighter and more successful. 

I feel like we are shown that we can be either “pretty” or “smart”… we can most definitely be both, and many, many, other things as well. Don’t let anyone try to shame you for investing in yourself. Whether you’re “girly” or “extra”, or something else entirely, know that those aesthetic preferences cannot possibly affect things like your intellect. 

Here are some looks I will be wearing to class this fall:

Business casual

Utilitarian chic

Suit up

Rainy day glam

Canadian tux

Me, at a blonder time, wearing denim on denim in real life (and loving it!)

Thank you for reading! I encourage you to get inspired, be ridiculous, and have fun with the way you present yourself this year!