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Top 5 Places to Take Pictures on Campus

As the weather approaches higher temperatures and you start enjoying walks between classes in your Birkenstocks, chances are, you are going to want to capture these perfect, sunny days for memories (and for your Instagram). Being on a campus as beautiful as Penn’s, there are so many open fields, nooks, crannies, and buildings to pose in front of with your best friends in your cutest spring outfits. Here are a list of five of some of the most beautiful or interesting locations nearby that can help assist with the perfect snap.

The Bio Pond

Located behind the Levin Laboratory near the Quadrangle, this decades–old habitat ran by the Biology department has been a scenic spring spot for over a hundred years. When the weather gets warmer, turtles start to lounge near the surface and several different plant species begin to thrive. Here, you can take pictures sitting at the benches near the flora and fauna and lavish in the rays of the sun.

The Quadrangle

Inside the iconic freshmen–only dormitory building, the Quad green has always been a spot for snapshots during your first year at Penn. The antique architecture coupled with the lush lawn and stone walkways perfectly encapsulate the historic tropes of the Ivy League, and make the perfect backdrop for your happy Saturday afternoons of simply basking on a picnic blanket outside. Being outdoors, throwing footballs, and playing music, is a significant part of the freshmen spring experience, and you’ll look back on these pictures with a colorfully warm memory.

College Green

As the heart of Penn’s campus, College Green hosts some of the oldest and most beautiful buildings to pose in front of. Fisher Fine Arts Library, for example, serves as a rustic, Gothic–style backdrop to spice up your photo while commemorating hours of intense studying during finals season. The Ben Franklin statue in front of College Hall signifies Penn’s iconic founder, and makes a fun photo pal! Furthermore, one of the more symbolic Penn edifices is the LOVE statue, which you probably took a picture of after being admitted. It’s a fun place to pose with your friends as each of you claim a letter of the iconic stature, and of course, it officially marks your place as a Quaker.

The Palestra / Franklin Field

Even more open fields of greenery, the Palestra and Franklin Field both serve as athletic centers for Penn’s student body and host different competitions like the Penn Relays. Taking a picture in either of these locations symbolizes school spirit and lets your Instagram followers as well as your college memories Facebook album know that you are proud to be here, supporting our Division I athletics.

The Penn Museum

If you decide to go on a walk with your friends but do not want to take pictures outside, go for a stroll down to the historic Penn Museum. Located near HUP, the center acts as a focal point for Penn’s art, history, and culture scene. With a glamorous exterior including a beautiful fountain and blooming trees this spring season, you are sure to get some scenic shots! However, while you’re there, make an effort to learn about the story behind some of the world’s greatest artifacts and discuss with your friends about what pieces you liked the most and why. Let your followers catch a glimpse of the educational side of Penn.

Overall, taking memorable pictures is easier than it seems at a place like Penn. So go out there this weekend and give any of these places a try!

Mehek Boparai is a current freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, in the College of Arts and Sciences. She's an English major on a Pre-Medical track but in between reading Jane Austen or her bio textbook she loves writing poetry, watching old films, and doing fun photoshoots. She's a huge sunset enthusiast and hopes one day to live in an area of large open fields and flowers.
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