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The Top 5 Pairs of Uggs –– Perfect For a Last–Minute Gift!

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Uggs bring back a certain nostalgia that transports you right back to the early 2010s, when Juicy Couture sweatsuits reigned and Lip Smackers were all the rage. Ten years later, the popular boot brand has taken the fashion world by storm once again. 

In fact, it’s become a new staple for some “model–off–duty” looks. Look how Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner rock some Uggs with leggings and a simple sweatshirt. Other celebrities seen crushing the timeless fur footwear include Emma Chamberlain, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and many others. 

Since Uggs are on the up and up, they would make an ideal holiday gift. Everyone could use comfortable footwear in their lives, and Uggs definitely check that box. Uggs and the wintertime are a match made in heaven. Furthermore, their high–quality materials will ensure that they’ll last you until next winter and beyond. 

Below you’ll find a list of our top five picks available to purchase now (and will come in time for Christmas!). 

The Disquette 

Slippers are a must–have, whether you’re just walking around your dorm room or you need something quick to put on to step outside. The Ugg elevates its classic flat slipper with the Disquette, which changes the game as a platform slipper. By adding one inch of height, the Disquette makes the classic slipper incredibly chic. 

Running errands just got a hundred times cooler in these shoes! With five different colors, there’s everything from a bright pink to a classic black. Of course, platforms are not for everyone, so check out their traditional flat slippers like the Scuffette — which comes in even more colors!

The tazz 

If boots aren’t entirely your style, the Tazz is for you. It offers an excellent middle ground between the classic boot and slippers; it doesn’t cover your ankle like a boot, but it protects your heel unlike a slipper. 

The Tazz adds one–and–a–half inches of height to your frame, which means extra cushion and comfort (platforms seem to be a fashion theme!). The braiding on the rim gives the shoe a folksy feel, which is perfect for the upcoming winter season; the chestnut option with red trim is particularly festive. 

The Tazz is especially popular now — see Gigi Hadid strolling through New York featuring tan Tazz. Hadid shows us all the Ugg possibilities by wearing the shoes with jeans instead of leggings.  

The Fuzz Sugar Cross Slide and Fuzz Sugar Slide 

The cross slides are the only open–toe shoe option on this list, so they’re more of a house slipper option. However, these can be worn all winter, both indoors and out, for those who live on the West Coast! East Coasters, don’t worry; the slippers also come in a closed–toe option. 

Furthermore, these slippers are possibly the most comfortable items on the list as they offer about an inch of pure cushion. As if these slides couldn’t get any better, they’re also the most environmentally-friendly on the Ugg website, featuring plant–based, recycled, low–impact materials. 

In terms of design, the criss–cross element definitely differs from typical slides, which only have one band. Available in five different colors, be on the lookout for the two–tone option, “Neutral/Black.” The black and off–white make the shoes pop even more than the typical solid option! 

The Fuzz Sugar Slide (the close toed–option) comes in three color options, but they’re still just as fun! If you’re looking for something a little more dimensional, check for the restock of the sherpa white pair with a black platform base. 

The classic Ultra Mini

Would this list be complete without a classic Ugg boot? If you’re someone who thinks the classic height Ugg boots are too tall and restrictive, then these are perfect for you; they barely cover the ankle. These minis are also the ones seen most on celebrities like Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner. There’s a reason we’re seeing them everywhere — they’re so insanely comfortable and stylish! 

The mini also offers the most color variety, coming in seven different shades. The classic chestnut color is tried and true, but burnt olive is an excellent gift option as well. There are also plenty of vibrant shades, but I recommend checking with the gift recipient to see if red hot Uggs are a statement they want to make!

Happy Ugg season! May these shoes bring you comfort and warmth this winter. Don’t forget to check out the brand’s water–resistance sprays to ensure your boots can withstand the snow.

Jada Gritton

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