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How to Keep Your College Relationship Fresh

For the college girls out there who decide to side-step the hookup scene and somehow end up in the arms of one person, you might have heard about the difficulties of maintaining a long-term relationship in college. Break-ups occur left and right. College is a strange four years. You’re still discovering who you are and what you want to do in life. Everyone here changes their major, their clothes and their hobbies so fast that it’s possible for them to change how they feel about their partner, too. But don’t fret! Although people change, love can stay. Keep reading to find out how to keep your college relationship exciting!

Try fun, new things together.

Go on a trip. Take a drive out in the country. See the stars. Just do something other than slogging in front of the TV and eating takeout silently. Sometimes all you need is some air and a change in routine. You’ll end up learning things about your partner that you may have never known had you not traveled.

Do difficult, even boring things together. 

Have you ever done a difficult group project? If you have, then maybe you’ve experienced the high level of bonding that comes after completing challenging tasks with others. For example, my boyfriend needed help moving a nine-foot ladder. Though it was extremely tiring, it ended up being fun. Both of us were struggling so much together that we couldn’t help but joke around. If either one of you have a hard exam coming up, studying together might just be fun! Learning how to deal with hardships in a positive manner together will do wonders for your relationship. 

Keep caring about your appearance. 

Humans are shallow. It’s a fact of life. Let’s be honest, you fell for that guy when he put in the time to look somewhat attractive, right? Likewise, he most likely loved when you put effort into your appearance. Sure, personality and other aspects factor into compatibility. Still, chances are there was some physical factor that stuck out to each of you. Looking nice for one another will keep you and your partner feeling bubbly, I promise. Honestly, I know I can be lazy and sport a messy bun and sweatpants at least twice a week. Nonetheless, if my boyfriend puts together a dinner date for us, you bet I’ll be slipping into a nice dress. 

Revisit your past. 

After much time passes, you tend to forget exactly what things were like in the beginning of your relationship. It is important to avoid this. Remember the good times together. It’ll help you remain enamored. Sometimes just talking about a memory you shared together is enough. Other times, it can be beneficial to visit the place you first kissed or play that song you danced to for the first time. Revisiting your past experiences with your partner can be a great bonding experience. 

Keep doing you! 

The last tip I have for girls in a college relationship is to not lose sight of who they were before meeting their partner. After falling into a steady relationship, people tend to spend less time doing the activities that they had done before. Unfortunately, by forgetting to explore your own interests away from your partner, you negatively impact your relationship. Chances are, you were much more attractive when you put in time doing you! Maybe you like rock climbing or acting out Shakespearean plays. Either way, you should keep up with your hobbies and interests, and your partner will be delighted being with the real you.

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