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Hello Her Campus readers and welcome back! Her Campus at Penn hopes to find you in good health in these difficult and crazy times.

During all of the chaos, I’ve found peoples’ kindness and concern remarkable. There is so much available to do online even as you’re stuck at home, and most of it has been made possible through the generosity and innovation of others.

With everything going on, it’s important to tune out and distract yourself, especially during quarantine. With that in mind, here are some of the things you can do to entertain yourself (for free!) as you practice proper social distancing!

Watch live shows!

As we spend more time at home, many theatre companies have started releasing digital recordings of their shows. The acclaimed National Theatre in London, London’s Shakespeare’s Globe, and celebrated Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber are all releasing their shows on YouTube. Most of these releases are on a weekly basis. Live stage shows — both plays and musicals — are almost never so readily accessible, so take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts! And if you can, consider donating to these organizations as well!

The National Theatre will be releasing the stage play, Frankenstein, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch, this week. Shakespeare’s Globe is set to release a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1998 Celebration Concert will be coming out on YouTube as well.

Play games!

This is a great time to get into video games, even if you’re someone like me, who doesn’t know the first thing about them. I’ve always loved traditional board games, but recently, I’ve discovered the virtues of video games as well. Steam is currently offering a discount bundle of games, called “Go Play Inside!”

If video games aren’t your thing, check out gaming apps. Candy Crush is currently offering periods of time where players have infinite lives.

There’s also a ton of apps and sites where you can play games with your friends, like the app Psych or just digital versions of classic board games and card games. This is a great way to hang out with friends online!

As an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, I love that my party and I are taking advantage of the ample conferencing websites available to continue our campaigns. Dungeons & Dragons is a great game to get into, the perfect combination of storytelling and fantasy. If you’re interested in getting a super fun introduction to the game, consider listening to the myriad of podcasts and professional campaigns available online.

If nothing else, break out your dusty old board games and have some good old-fashioned family game nights!


This is the perfect time to get through your reading wish list! If you don’t have all the books you want to read, you can easily sign up for online access through your local library.

Kindle is also offering a free two-month trial for Amazon Prime users through their Kindle Unlimited program.

Virtual museum tours and classes!

Tons of museums and travel spots are offering free virtual tours of beautiful landmarks and interesting exhibits. Here you can find a sample list of available virtual tours, though you can undoubtedly find many more with a quick Google search!

Similarly, many educational organizations are offering free classes that would be great to take advantage of. Maybe there’s a language you’ve always wanted to learn or an art project you’ve always wanted to try. Make use of these free resources, especially those from other universities, and go forth!

I know that for many, these are frightening times. Don’t beat yourself up, even if you aren’t using the time at home to be as productive as you initially imagined. We’re all going through a collective trauma, and sometimes the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself. Anything that makes you happy or inspires a laugh is worth it. Hopefully some of these ideas have helped you out!

Harshita is an English major and Pre-Med attending her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania. She loves musicals, good food, and long naps! She is inspired by all the women at Her Campus and is delighted to be serving as Senior Editor for Her Campus @ Penn!