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7 Signs You’re Addicted to the Internet

To be an Internet addict, it takes grueling and intense dedication. In an embarrassingly delusional world, it would be considered a stationary sport. Though it may be difficult to admit you have a problem, know that you’re not alone. In fact, in a study by the University of Kentucky, about 38% of the world’s population is addicted to the Internet. But why do we decide to undertake the physical and mental repercussions of excessive internet use?

Generally, it’s because the Internet is a global community enclave for immediate information and hyperactive stalking. As much as we may consider our phone an appendage, we should take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s strange to think that social media has brought humanity closer together and further away than ever before. On one hand, we have the power at our fingertips to communicate with all corners of the planet. Yet on the other, we are swayed towards compulsivity and instant gratification. It’s finally time to bypass the stage of denial, embrace the addiction, and attempt to practice moderation. Here are some signs that you are a full-fledged Internet addict!

1. You can’t distinguish minutes from hours.

 It always starts so innocently. You tell yourself that you’ll only browse for like 30 minutes, an hour tops. Yet before you know it, the birds are already chirping to welcome the morning and your eyes have lost all moisture. You couldn’t have been on the Internet for more than an hour, right? Wrong. So painfully wrong.  

2. You trick yourself into thinking you stand a chance.

It’s getting pretty late, and the guilt finally begins to overwhelm you. You interrogate yourself about whether you have any sense of self-control. “What have I become?” and “I need to stop procrastinating!” revelations spiral rapidly through your head, and you finally decide to take a stand. You close your laptop with demanding force, maneuver yourself into your sheets…and then proceed to check your phone for another hour. “I told my laptop who’s boss.” Sure kid.

3. A location without Wi-Fi doesn’t register on your personal GPS.

Quests to unfamiliar locations are incredibly worrisome for this particular addict. It’s mainly due to the slight chance that the destination won’t have adequate Internet connection. Please hold me—the pain is too real. An Internet addict is completely aware that without access to social media, they are doomed to a nasty case of internet deprivation.

Symptoms of Internet deprivation include irritability, depression, and uncontrollable fidgeting.

4. You have a daily slot on your Google Cal for Internet use.

It’s a pretty obvious sign you have a serious addiction if you plan your day around being an avid Internet explorer. No, I don’t mean the internet browser— that’s the social platform equivalent to MySpace. I mean blocking out a large chunk of your workday to go on an infinite Facebook-Tumblr-Pinterest loop. But on the positive side, you’re planning your procrastination very efficiently. Kudos! You deserve an extra hour on Buzzfeed.

5. You’re guilty of creating your own Internet meme.

It starts to get disturbingly evident you have a problem when you begin filtering life situations for their meme-ability. The amount of entertainment you can get from a meme is glorious. But when you’re the evil genius behind the masterpiece, it’s customary to expect immediate street cred. You have brought eternal happiness to the world, Gandhi. You’re at reputable hero status.

6. It’s too physically straining to move three feet.

The validity of this finding is questionable, but internet use must instantaneously add eighty pounds. Everyday motion such as standing and walking seems to expend most of your energy, so you start to renovate your computer desk. Before you know it, your workspace is a fully stocked kitchen, napping station, and entertainment center. In short, the human race is evolving towards hibernation.

7.You become jealous of other people’s virtual lives.

It can be difficult to combat the flares of envy after scrolling through your Facebook feed. Keep your head high! Unfortunately, more time on the internet can breed heightened insecurities and depression. Be aware that social media is predominately used to capture the highs. A person’s happiness cannot be measured through likes, virtual friends, or photo resolution.

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