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5 Things To Miss Now That Winter’s Over

1. Winter Clothes: Sweaters, hats, boots and scarves. 
Not being able to wear that cute, frilly summer dress killed me inside, but maybe that cable-knit sweater is what I needed. It’s comfortable, it’s easy to put on, it’s fuzzy…What’s not to like? 

2. The beauty of snowy weather. 

Shoveling the snow toppled across endless driveways and sidewalks is a grueling task. I’ll be honest though, there’s nothing like seeing your whole neighborhood covered with white pixie dust.

3. Staying indoors.

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…”

Because of the frosty air outside, I had an excuse to cuddle up next to my friends in the sheer comforts of home. I will definitely miss those fireside conversations when I’m outside in the springtime.

4. Hot beverages.

When the weather’s chilly, I automatically think about drinking a steaming latte. As the frothy beverage hits my lips, I feel an instant surge of joy. Though spring means more iced drinks, I have a soft spot for hot chocolate, cappuccinos and macchiatos.

5. Doing winter-weather activities outside.

I know I said staying inside is one of the best things to do once winter arrives, but there is still a multitude of outdoor activities to do when the temperature drops. Skiing, building snowmen, snowball fights, ice skating and all that jazz… 

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