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5 Songs to Listen to (Even if You Don’t Know the Language)

“Du” by German rap artist Cro. 
Cro, a 21-year-old rapper wearing a panda mask, has risen to the top ranks of musicians in Germany in recent years. With a flow faster than a waterfall, sweeter than honey and coupled with a catchy instrumental, “Du” (which means “You” in German) is great for listening to when cruising down the highway in your car or going to class, making you feel relaxed but peppy. The song itself talks of going to the beach and relaxing with a loved one while appreciating the simple joys of life. 

 “Damelo” by Colombian musician Juanes.
Juanes’ song, “Damelo” is a flirtatious mix of drums, Latin-American rhythms and guitar-driven choruses. You can’t help but want to jump up and dance to this song. For fans craving songs by Enrique Iglesias or other artists hailing from Latino origins, Juanes is the perfect choice, delivering passion and excitement.

“What is Love?” by Chinese/Korean band EXO-M.
EXO-M, a subunit boy band with members hailing from China and Korea, released their first single, “What is Love?”, last year. “What is Love?” channels a strong sense of fluidity through the delivery of its singers mixed with the gritty, flat instrumental in the background. The lyrics are absolutely stunning, incorporating English phrases into a giant multi-culturally pleasing narrative story telling of the ups and downs of realistic romance. 

“I’ll Show You” by Korean-American artist Ailee.
Ailee, a Korean-American singer from New Jersey, has recently released “I’ll Show You”, a song similar to motivational break-up songs by artists such as Adele and Taylor Swift. Her vocals seal the deal with “I’ll Show You”, channeling her anger and desire to prove how she’s moved on from an old flame. The catchy chorus and instrumental also make the song addicting.

 “In my Head”, a Japanese song by Korean band CN Blue.
CN Blue is one of the few Asian classic rock bands that managed to remain quite popular in the last decade despite the rampant popularity of electropop in Korea. “In My Head” channels a Maroon 5-feel, incorporating a catchy guitar beat with Japanese lyrics that delicately but passionately mourn lost love.

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