Wholesome YouTubers to Watch Instead of Studying for Finals

Cody Ko

Cody Ko is arguably the only ex-Viner whose transition to YouTube videos hasn’t made everyone in the world cringe. He is no Lele Pons. Cody’s videos are all absolutely hilarious. His criticism of pop culture and commentary on viral videos, Instagram trends and celebrities is quite insightful but also just so friggin funny. His most viewed video Instagram “Comedians” is the definition of wholesome internet content. A little crude, a little rude, and loaded with laughs, Cody is probably my favourite creator to watch, especially when I’m not trying to do anything productive.

Patricia Bright

I’ve recently discovered Patricia’s channel the same way I discover most things online – I was procrastinating my work. Patricia is a hilarious British beauty and fashion vlogger who is well known for her experimentation with online stores. She takes requests for sketchy online websites to try, orders hundreds of dollars’ worth of clothes, tries them on for the first time on camera. Her reactions are hilarious and the clothes are always very questionable. I’ve sat watching and laughing at her videos for hours. Watching other people spend hundreds of dollars on risky products satisfies my own curiosity and helps me make sure I don’t do the same.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Okay, okay. I know these guys don’t technically have their own channel, but they needed to make their way onto this list somehow. Shane and Ryan’s Buzzfeed Series outlines unsolved mysteries with killer storytelling, creepy re-enactments and some insightful theories for each episode. These guys have presented some of the creepiest unsolved murders and supernatural questions, including the murder of Jon-Bennet Ramsey, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the infamous case of O.J Simpson’s trial. This is the type of video series you’re going to want to marathon in bed, but watch it with the lights on because the show is much creepier than you think, and you might not be able to sleep afterwards.

Elle Mills

Ottawa’s very own! Elle Mills is one of the funniest, most down to earth YouTubers on the platform. It is so clear by watching her content that she puts so much time and effort into making her videos original and as well-produced as can be. Elle goes all out. I mean, she literally married her sister’s boyfriend in Vegas for a video. Her coming out video made everyone and their dog shed a tear. It’s definitely been cool to watch someone from our hometown grow to be so successful on a worldwide platform. Elle was even a Gee-Gee for a lil’ while before leaving to focus on her creative work and pursue the YouTuber life. Everyone’s dream right? She has recently reached her first 1 million subscribers and has some big-name fans like Casey Neistat supporting her and backing her up. We’re all just waiting till Wendy’s and Coca-Cola sponsor her. Keep making O-town proud Elle!

Emma Chamberlain

People love watching other people’s lives, hearing other’s opinions and following along on what’s happening in other people’s worlds. Emma Chamberlain is your typical vlogger, except way funnier, much more candid and with cuter and more affordable style. Emma takes her viewers on her adventures getting her iced almond milk lattes (never from Starbucks), thrifting, attempting to make vegan food, driving to San Francisco before sunset (not sure why that occurs so often) and anything else your typical teenaged girl would do. Emma’s videos are always useful for a good laugh and are a quick way to relax while not doing any homework.

Violin MD

This YouTube channel belongs to a Canadian first-year medical resident named Siobhan, who shares with her viewers her day to day life as a doctor. Siobhan talks all about how she manages her life, how she got into medical school and even teaches her viewers some medical terms. This girl has her life together – like really. She’s the type to work 12-hour shifts and follow up by going to the gym and then studying in her spare time. She seems like the kind of girl I just want to be best friends with, with her positive attitude and hardworking state of mind. I feel productive just watching her channel even though I’m doing nothing to improve my own life at all. Maybe she’ll rub off on me someday? Idk I better watch some more then.

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