Where Should You Have Your Next Date? Check Your Horoscope!

Valentine’s is rapidly approaching, and while I’m not saying these have to be your February 14th plans, why not look to the stars to plan your next date?

Aries: Shopping date! Pick out outfits for each other and try them on – so many ways this can go. Cute, hilarious, sexy… your pick! No purchase necessary, but photos encouraged.

Leo: Three words: Hot. Chocolate. Canal. (That came out a bit weird, but what I’m saying is bring a thermos of hot chocolate on the canal; it’ll be cozy, Instagram-worthy, and free!)

Sagittarius: Gallery time. Most of them are free in Ottawa on Thursday nights, so pick one at random and learn something new! (The Nature Museum is always a great bet.)

Taurus: Try a night out somewhere you’d never go normally – a quiet pub if you’re the party type, or a party bar if you usually go for Netflix and tea.

Virgo: Stay in and cook for each other. One of you take dinner, one take dessert and cocktails. To make it more fun, don’t tell each other what you’re making, and see how it all goes together.

Capricorn: Trivia night at your local pub is super fun – and there can be some good prizes! So grab your beau and head on down. The Royal Oak on campus does it on Wednesdays at 7, FYI.

Gemini: Go street art searching! It’s a bit cold, sure, but bundle up and get out there. There’s definitely a lot of cool graffiti around the city, and it’s all totally couple-selfie worthy.

Libra: Go to Costco. If you have a membership, great, if not, say you want to check it out. Eat ALL the samples.

Aquarius: Art attack! Grab some painting supplies from the dollar store and paint portraits of each other – who knows, you could discover hidden talents!

Cancer: Check out the Community Engagement Navigator and their days of service function – do a date that makes a difference!

Scorpio: Classic dinner out. Get dressed to the nines and head to a nice restaurant – market, anyone – and have a nice, intimate meal with your significant other. Can’t go wrong!

Pisces: Don’t worry – this date idea has nothing to do with fish, water, or an aquarium. For your next romantic outing, try a winter wonderland hike in Gatineau Park! 


Now get out there and enjoy Valentine's day!