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Walking Across The Stage in Style!

Final exams, projects and papers are DONE! For those who are graduating this year, it is freedom. Nothing compares to the feel when you are in 4th, 5th or 6th year and you finally complete your degree. Then comes convocation where you see everyone again, for one last time. You have a friend who is off to medical school, a friend who is going to teach English in a far-away country and then the friend who scored a real life job. Convocation is your last time seeing these pals for a while so you better take some great photos and obviously look fabulous crossing the stage to get your diploma. The four years in university has culminated to this point, you have achieved your Bachelor’s degree. Congrats!

You might be thinking, what do I wear to convocation? Do I want to wear heels and risk tripping on the stage? Do I want to look stunning? The answer is YES! You should own heels that are both pretty and comfortable. If not, then it’s fine time to start looking.

Remember that you will be sitting for quite a long time as the names are read and diplomas handed out. Don’t be that girl who wears a short dress that is 2 inches too short, might flash a few people on your way up and across the stage. Here is the perfect summer dress that still has black and white tones but has expanded floral print, from Nasty Gal. It is both comfortable and easily paired with any color of heels or accessories.

Obviously you need to wear a dress that is comfortable and one that you can head out to dinner or lunch in afterwards. A fun printed, easy fitted dress like this one is perfect for both convocation and every day wear. You can pop this dress on with heels for the ceremony and throw on sandals for dining.

Pastels are perfect for summertime convocations because they are light and bright. Also easy to pair with sandals, heels and other accessories. This one from Lulus is two-toned and shows off an appropriate amount of skin. 

Did you want to appear more tanned then you are? Wear white; it always gives the appearance that you are more tanned because it causes such a contrast between your skin and the dress. Definitely the classic summer dress that can be fancy with the right choice of earrings, belts and shoes!

Needless to say, the most comfortable dress is a boxy cut dress. It can be quite flattering if you dress it properly. Definitely the breeziest dress out of them all, you will be able to air yourself out after 2 hours of sitting in the same chair. 

Maxi dresses, open back dresses they are all beautiful as long as you are comfortable wearing them. So take that month in between finals and convocation to find a comfortable dress and congrats again on the diploma. You deserve it.

Xoxo Olivia

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