Versailles: Ottawa’s Top Beauty School and Their 8 Tips on Getting Ready for Warm Weather

Winter blues still getting you down? Tired of waking up and seeing the roads iced over in the middle of what is supposed to be springtime? Although it may seem like the cold and dreary days are never-ending, the months of endless heat and sun will soon be upon us. With summertime just around the corner, Ottawa’s very own Versailles Academy of Make-Up Arts, Esthetics and Hair knows it's important to adjust and spice up our self-care routines in preparation for warmer days.

Versailles Academy is a local family-owned and operated Private Career College based right here in Ottawa! Winning the 2017 Top Choice Cosmetic & Esthetic school in Ottawa along with the 2017 Consumer choice award for Top Hairstyling school in Ottawa, Versailles Academy is one of the best beauty schools in the city!

Since 1981, its proud non-franchise school has specialized in training thousands of successful and acknowledged graduates in the cosmetic, esthetic and hairstyling fields. For over 37 years, Versailles has provided a well-rounded, enriched and highly inspirational education to students through mentorship from leading professionals in the industry as well as practical experience in the field. Some of these experiences include hands-on work at Beauty Galas, Theatre events, charity functions, and even fashion shows such as Her Campus uOttawa’s annual Capital Catwalk.

This year, Her Campus uOttawa was lucky enough to acquire the help of the talented cosmetic and hairstyling students of Versailles Academy to assist in styling models for its annual Capital Catwalk fashion show fundraiser. The expert work that the students of Versailles were able to accomplish for the event, showcases Versailles’ top-class training and reason for their highly regarded reputation in the beauty industry.

The academy’s esteemed reputation has allowed them to build long-standing relationships with well-established salons, spas and community partners that can provide mentorship and employment opportunities to Versailles graduates. Not only does Versailles provide exceptional education to its students, but it equips them with the connections and resources they need to succeed after graduation. The highly recognized Versailles Academy diploma allows students to take on the beauty world by storm upon graduating!

If you are thinking about a career in the beauty industry, learn more about Versailles Academy and the courses they offer on their website.

On top of being one of the best beauty schools in the city, Versailles also runs a professional salon and spa service right out of their school location! The best part? Many of the beauty and wellness services they offer are at student affordable prices!

Their esthetic services range from a $10 eyebrow tinting session to a full-body massage or body treatment for only $45.50! All their waxing services are under $50 with eyebrows, chin and upper lip for only $10.50. If you are looking for something more permanent, they also offer IPL laser treatments for permanent hair reduction on just about anywhere.

Looking to get a makeover? You can get full makeup application for only $20! Their hairstyling services are just as budget-friendly with $18 women’s cut, shampoo and blow dry services as well as highlighting and full hair colour for as low as $45. Want to go all out and pamper yourself for the day? A spa day with a complete beauty package from head to toe is only $99!

Ready for the real deal breaker? Because all of you readers are like family to us, Versailles is offering a special Friends & Family discount to all the readers of this article! Receive 20% towards any of the salon & spa services at Versailles just by telling them that you read this article on Her Campus! Now you have the best reason to go and #TreatYoSelf.

While you are at it, why not go in and get a service to work on those self-care preparations for summer that we mentioned earlier? Here are 8 Tips from Versailles Academy’s beauty professionals on getting ready for warm weather:


1. Exfoliate!

With warmer weather, you’ll be showing a lot more skin! Time to get rid of all those dead skin cells and build up from the cold winter months. How can you do this? Exfoliate! Exfoliation is an important part in really being able to clean the skin and make room for smooth new skin for the summer! Using an exfoliant such as a loofa, exfoliating glove/sponge, or a body scrub in the shower will do the trick!

Also, if you’re really looking to pamper yourself while getting the job done, Versailles offers a full body Sea Salt Glow. This is a one hour treatment using Himalayan salt to exfoliate, followed by a moisturizing massage!


2. Pedicure Time!

Getting your feet ready for sandals season is a must! Versailles offers pedicures for $27.50 with over 45 different spring and summer colours to choose from! You can also add a warm paraffin wax to that for an extra $10, if you’re feeling really boujee!


3. Get Your Golden Glow On!

That warm tanning weather isn’t here yet, but if you want to get a head start on your summer golden glow, why not try self-tanning? Versailles carries a wide range of St.Tropez self-tanning products such as exfoliant, tanning product and tan extending moisturizer.


4. Revive Your Hair!

Its time to revive those dried out locks from all of the harsh winter weather. Why not go for a trim or a fresh new style? Better yet, Versailles offers a conditioning scalp treatment including a head massage, shampoo and blow-dry for only $25!


5. Change It Up!

With warmer weather and more humidity on the way, it is time to adapt your skin care routine. While in the winter, you may opt for skin care and makeup products with more moisturizing and hydrating elements to protect your skin from the dry, biting cold weather. The summer calls for more mattifying light-wear products with SPF in order to keep you protected with a sweat-free look.


Want to really prep your skin? Treat yourself for a full spa facial at Versailles which includes a skin examination and product recommendation for your skin type for $35.

6. Hydrate!

Water hydration is essential for glowing healthy skin, especially during the summer when we lose a lot of our water intake from sweating. Make sure to drink water throughout the day in order to keep your skin and body healthily hydrated. Not a fan of drinking water? Try adding fruits and vegetables to your water to boost the flavour and add healthy nutrients!


7. SPF!

Whether you're travelling in the car, walking outside or sitting in the sun on your lunch break, protecting your skin from harmful sun rays is needed. Don’t love the feeling of regular SPF on your face? Versailles professionals recommend the Jane Iredale make-up line for a full range of products such as tinted moisturizers and foundations, all containing SPF! Using proper products with SPF protection in it, whether it be sunscreen, moisturizer or makeup products, is important in the summertime.


8. Spring Cleaning!

With spring cleaning in full swing, why not take some time to clean/declutter some of your beauty products? Clean your make-up brushes and beauty blender sponges to remove unwanted bacteria. Go through skin care and body products to check expiration dates. Please do yourself a favour and don’t continue to use products that have expired a year ago and clearly do not look and work the same as when you got it. Throwing out old and “should no longer be used” make up is a good thing, trust me!

Now that you're armed with Versailles Academy's top tips, get out their and enjoy the warm weather!