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We’re all busy people and no doubt we all want to be fit and want to treat our bodies well. Yet sometimes it’s a real pain trying to keep up with all our healthy habits. We make time for the gym, we make time to go get hardy groceries but do we make time to do one of the basics? How many glasses of water are you getting a day? If you’re thirsty, it means you’re probably already dehydrated! The solution is easy. Here are the top 5 ways to get you to have more water.

1. Don’t like the taste? Add slices of your favourite fruit or vegetables to your water bottle. Strawberries, lemons or cucumbers tend to be fan favourites.

Tip: Fill your bottle with water first and then add some fruit. People tend to go a little overkill on the solids and forget the whole point is to get more liquids.  Also, if you feel like you’re not getting enough flavour, cut your fruit into smaller pieces. That’ll give the juices more chance of mingling into your H20.

2. Add an eighth of a cup of lemon juice to a mason jar, fill the rest with water and add a couple strawberries. You have instant homemade strawberry-lemonade!

Tip: Leave in fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning. It’ll be much tastier because the strawberries will have more time to make an impression on the water. (Don’t worry about the way the strawberries look, I know they’re weird, but they’ll still taste delicious!)

3. Keep water bottles everywhere. Seriously everywhere. One at home, one at work, one in your purse/bag, and everywhere else you go often. This is what’s going to keep you hydrated all day, not just while you’re at home.

Tip: Buy good, long lasting bottles so you don’t have to buy twenty-five from the dollar store every semester. Invest now and save your money in the long run. Also, buy bottles that are visually appealing. You’ll enjoy your water more if you get to carry your bright pink, glittered “I’m A Diva” bottle.

4. Don’t over hydrate. Yes, there’s such a thing. If you’re using the bathroom and your urine is clear (that is to say not yellow), you’re hydrated. You shouldn’t be peeing every 15 minutes.

Tip: Limit yourself to one bottle every hour, or maybe even every two hours. Figure out what works best for you.

5. Don’t chug. This isn’t a competition and I promise there is no prize. Sip your water throughout the day, that’s what will keep you hydrated.

Tip: Use a straw to drink your water; it’ll keep you from downing you water like a shotgun can of beer!


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