Style by Sound III

Since all the 90’s fashion trends have been making a huge comeback, going through all the past styles just might give you your next source of inspo for your wardrobe. This article explores how many of the modern fashion trends can be reflected through not only the 90’s era of music, but all the unique genres that fashion has influenced through time.


Grand and gentle: If you have ever listened to opera music, then you are familiar with the rhythm of soft melodic tones that are seamlessly mixed in with loud vocals. Similarly, you can match the flow of your outfit with this genre using contrasting pieces, while working with similar colours to achieve a subtle look with statement pieces.


Distinct and consistent: When playing with this genre of music there tends to be a formal flow and standard that it follows, while also giving artists free range to cater the notes to their own styles. For this look, match classic and tailored pieces like trench coats and blazers, with your own timeless pieces of jewelry that reflect your personality to make it more unique.

Folk Music

Uncomplicated and unapologetic: Folk music follows no rules. It’s made to tell a story in the most straightforward way. To channel this look, try a minimalist style in a less structured fashion, such as a simple denim and white t-shirt combo.

Rhythm and blues

Relaxed and innovative: Musicians in this genre have definitely mastered the art of making maximum work look effortless without sacrificing any creativity. Try pairing dark coloured patterns with your favourite accessories to achieve that happy medium between chill with a little bit of effort.

Hopefully this article will inspire you to look for creative expression not only through the music you hear, but also in the little things that make your signature look unique to the person that you are.