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The Student’s Guide to Finally Stop Procrastinating

"You're sitting on the couch watching TV and your life keeps passing you by. You keep procrastinating over and over  thinking 'maybe I'll just do it tomorrow.' No!  Do it now, it's easy! What are you waiting for?" says the random guy in the Everest College commercial who keeps judging you through the TV screen. 

We're all familiar with this Everest College commercial but the random guy did have a point, we do have a tendency to keep procrastinating even when we know better. This especially seems to be the case for a lot of University students so here are some ways to finally stop procrastinating in 2018.

Create a To-Do List

Creating a to-do list helps you visualize what you have to do. Research shows that writing things down gives you a better chance of actually doing them. However, when you do write a list make sure that you keep it manageable and place the easiest task on the top of the list. Starting with something easy gives you the motivation to get started and the more you get done the better you feel.

Change Your Surroundings

I have a really bad habit of procrastinating when I'm in my room because the bed is right there. I’ll tell myself that I’ll just stay in bed and write this paper and it’ll all work out. However, one hour later as I open my eyes from an impromptu nap, I realize that I've done absolutely nothing. What I have found to be really effective is changing my surroundings. Going out to a coffee shop or a library somehow changes my perspective from chill mode to work mode.

Remove Distractions

The moment right before you procrastinate is when your brain has an 'aha moment'. "Aha! There are seven seasons of Scandal on Netflix that I think I'll watch right now!” "Aha! Let's check out Instagram maybe something drastic has happened since I last checked 5 minutes ago." In order to remove these distractions I personally use web or app blockers like Block or Antisocial which allows you to block access to certain sites. You also won't be able to change it until your time's up so, when you have an aha moment you can't procrastinate.

Make Yourself Feel Bad

Sounds weird but hear me out. Usually procrastinating is great in the moment. When  you procrastinate all your burdens and responsibilities are pushed off to the future. Eventually tomorrow becomes today and deadlines can no longer be shifted, they become solid blocks of responsibility that loom over us. Many of us are aware of the feeling of anxiety or regret that happens as you're working through a task that should have been done ages ago. Remember the feeling and use it as a motivation to get things done. 


Now that you're armed with everything that you need to stop procrastinating, get out there and check everything off of your to-do list. Your future self will thank you! 

Hi, I'm Deborah. I'm currently a third year Communications and Political science student at the University of Ottawa. I'd describe my hobbies as those of a middle aged housewife, I love to cook, read, crochet, marathon Netflix and pin all the diy crafts i'll most likely never make.
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