Post-Exam Necessities

You did it! You survived final exams. It was a long and stressful few weeks but you made it. Now that the semester is over, you will most likely have a little bit of free time. Here are a few things you should do before the winter 2017 semester starts up.

1. Get up and move
After the long hours of studying and finishing up essays/projects, your body is probably feeling stiff. Get your muscles moving in some way. Go for a walk, hit the gym, or take a trip to the Rink of Dreams at City Hall. Do something to get your body in motion.

2. Get some fresh air
You've been cramped in your room or a library cubicle for the past month. You could get some fresh air while you're up and moving (see tip #1) or you could just sit on a bench for a couple of minutes to breathe. The weather hasn't been too bad yet so take advantage of the mild winter temperatures while you still can.

3. Call/message/visit a loved one
This could be your parents, grandparents, or it could be a long distance friend. This could just be your roommates whom you haven't seen in an eternity because you've been buried by finals. Reconnect with the people who make you happy. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear from you.

4. Celebrate the holidays
With final exams running throughout December, we often don't have time to prepare for the holidays. Shake off the study induced Grinch-mode, hit play on the Michael Buble, and get excited! This is a season of good food, spending time with your loved ones, and spreading holiday cheer.

Other possible actions include: sleeping for 100 hours straight, crying, Netflix binging, baking, dancing, reading a book just for fun, retail therapy, volunteering, crying, apply for jobs, apply for graduate programs, take a shot or twelve, sleep for another hundred years.. whatever you want!

Have a great break, readers. See you in 2017!


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