Meet the HCuO Team: Chantelle La Rue

Name: Chantelle La Rue

Program:  Honours Specialization in Communication with a Minor in Management

Hometown: Keswick , Ontario

Position: Head of Marketing and Publicity


Her Campus uOttawa: What drew you to your program of study?
Chantelle La Rue: I’m really interested in how media affects people and how people interact with each other and the media. I recently added a business minor because I wanted to learn more about marketing.

HCuO: Why did you want to get involved with Her Campus uOttawa? 
CL: I got involved with Her Campus originally as a part of the fashion show team. I love fashion and thought it would be a really cool event to be a part of. I was also looking to make more friends and have found some really great people through Her Campus.

HCuO: What has been your favourite parts of working with Her Campus?
CL: One of my favourite parts of Her Campus is the fashion show. The day when it all comes together is really fantastic!

HCuO: What is something that changed your life?
CL: Coming to Ottawa has changed my life. I am from a small town outside of Toronto and in moving to a city, I’ve had so many new opportunities and have met some really amazing people. By going far from home, I’ve been able to explore many new things that I likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity too had I stayed closer to home.

HCuO: What makes you happy?
CL: Cream, cheese and glitter… but not together! 

HCuO: If you were stranded on an island, what three objects would you bring?
 If I was stranded on an Island, I would bring my favourite book, A Little Princess, and more practically matches and a radio.

HCuO: If you could choose a mentor, who would it be and why?
If I could choose any mentor, I would choose Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill. She is a fictional character but also someone I really admire. The character constantly overcomes adversity with grace and humility. She always does the right thing even when it isn't easy to do. She is also a very successful business woman who builds a fashion empire from nothing without stepping on people to do it. In a perfect world where One Tree Hill characters actually existed, Brooke Davis would be the best mentor

HCuO: What would the name of your memoir be called and why?
If I had a memoir it would be called "Sparkle." I approach life with a legally blonde type of attitude. I'm driven and ambitious, but I love everything that is glittery and girly. 


Sources: Photos were provided by Chantelle La Rue.